Tensei Kenja – 167


The dragon looked at the slimes suspiciously.

Then after a few seconds of thought—it shouted.


‘Surely not… You are able to do that with Hellfire of Obliteration!?’


‘Yeah. It was on a whim… So I’m glad it worked out.’


‘On a whim… No, that is not a spell you can just activate multiple times on a whim… Or is it?’



I wasn’t aware that Hellfire of Obliteration was seen that way.


But now that I think of it, I usually didn’t use powerful magic around other people.

After all, there were no humans that knew about the ‘Sage’ job.


This dragon probably knew more about magic than anyone I had met up until now.

Still, I should probably ask the dragon why it didn’t think it was possible.

Perhaps it would help me in the future.


‘Why shouldn’t I be able to activate it multiple times at once?’


‘Why do you think? It’s not just ‘Obliteration.’ Most advanced magic cause tremendous stress on the caster. It should not even be possible to do double at once…and yet, you can?’


‘I don’t know why… I just tried it and it was possible. There was no special trick to it.’


‘…Yuji. Are you really human?’


Oh, it was really suspicious now. I could tell by the voice.

How rude.


‘I am human. …Anyway, shouldn’t we be going now? I don’t want to give them any more time.’


Five minutes had already passed since I destroyed the cannon.

In the meantime, the Blue Moon of Salvation would be making preparations for dealing with the dragon.

Still, that cannon was likely their trump card, but who knows? This was the Blue Moon of Salvation. It was best to not underestimate them.

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  1. Yup, those crazy terrorists are very persistent, and they plan ahead a lot. Or maybe they just consider a lot of possible outcomes, and prepare for as many as they can.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. You should probably kill every member of “Blue Moon of Salvation” that you know exists, that way it’ll be harder for them to deal with anything, as they’d be running out of manpower eventually. Also, deal with the curse on that spear or whatever it was, I doubt they can easily attach that to it, so getting rid of it will set them back quite a bit. If you leave it be, they can just craft a new cannon and be ready again.

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