Tensei Kenja – 23


So the curses really were the problem.


“…Now that I think of it, why don’t we just get rid of the curses instead of breaking it?”


‘That would be easy if they were weak curses… But I never heard of lifting a curse that was this strong… I think it would still be easier to smash it!’


I see.

While it seemed like the most natural solution, there had been a reason that no one had suggested it.


“But I don’t think the barrier will hold if I use magic that is stronger than ‘Hellfire of Obliteration’… Will it at least get a little weaker if I try lifting the curse?”


I asked as I looked through my list of spells.

And then I found ‘Curse Break,’ ‘Curse Break Strong,’ and ‘Curse Break Extreme.’

There were also other ones, but these seemed like the safest bet.


“Uh…it seems like I can’t use them unless I get closer.”


And so I used water magic to cool off the barrier before going inside.

Then I put my hand as close to the stone as I could without touching it.


I wasn’t sure which of the spells to use…and so I decided to start with the weakest one and work my way up.


“Curse Break.”


And then…the black magic stone slowly started to turn white.


‘Huh? It’s working!?’


The Dryad shouted out in surprise.

And then cracks started to appear on the white stone—and then the thing shattered.


“It looks like it can be destroyed after all.”


I said. Then I moved to deactivate the barrier.

But–in that instant, the Dryad shouted.


‘Yuji! Watch out! There’s something strange happening with the fragments!’

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  1. Yea, don’t play with curses or cursed things. Maybe he should have used the strong version. Well, we know almost nothing so far about those cursed magic stones, or about those who use/make them.
    Thanks again for the translation!

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