Tensei Kenja – 26


“In fact, a swarm of monsters has been sighted near a closeby mountain. …And they have come in incredible numbers. It may not be long until that swarm comes to attack our town.”


…A monster outbreak, huh?

Now that I think about it, I had heard something about how the number of monsters was increasing recently.

Maybe it’s related to that.


“And they are coming to this town?”


“No. We don’t know which town they will attack. And that is why they are dangerous. As a guild, we cannot focus all our strength in one place. That is why we need medicine.”


The manager said as he picked up one of the Dria flowers and inspected it.

Then he nodded with satisfaction.


“…With this much, we could reduce the damage. Medicine made from Dria flowers is highly effective. …Here is your reward. Please take it.”


The manager then stacked the gold coins in front of me.

As it was supposed to be a safe quest, I had only accepted it as practice…and yet it had turned out to be quite lucrative.


Still, it wasn’t all good news.

There were many monsters. And we didn’t know when or where they would attack.


“So the guild is going to take care of everything regarding the monsters?”


“Yes. And so we are currently refusing any requests that are unrelated to the monster outbreak. …Will you help us, Yuji?”


The manager asked as he stared at me.

I did not hesitate to answer.


“Of course. …So, what should I do?”

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  1. “Oh, there’re a lot of monsters that suddenly appeared with no warning, that’s odd, how could that have happened? I’ve never seen anything like that, and surely not just now during the same timeframe as these ones appeared… absolutely not. Never. This is so strange…”

    – MC, being the typical japanese MC who’s denser than a black hole

    • To be fair, this just happened kind of suddenly, so it’ll take a short time to notice. When you read events in stories, it often stays in your head better than if it happened to you (sure, a dark evil stone is weird, but he’s not used to a magical world in general).

  2. Seems Yuji didn’t fancy the fantasy genre too much. Then again, if he knew all about the isekai fantasy cliches it would be probably too easy. Going back is nice from time to time.
    Thanks for the release!

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