Tensei Kenja – 31


Even if that was the best option, I would prefer it if evacuation could be avoided.


“…Thank you for the information. In any case, what’s most important now is the monitoring of the monsters. If we know what they are doing immediately, then we can plan accordingly. We’re counting on you.”


“Alright. I will continue to watch them.”


It was just as we finished the discussion.

The slimes that I had left in the field started to shout out at once.


‘The monsters have started to move!’


‘The monsters are headed for the town!’


‘These monsters are also going to the town!’


And–it wasn’t just the slimes that had been surrounding the monsters.

The slimes that were in the Dryad forest were also shouting.


‘The monsters in the forest are moving!’


‘Strange monsters are moving towards the town!’


It seemed that the same thing was happening near the Dryad forest as well.

From what I could see through ‘Shared Perception,’ the Dryad forest itself was the same, which was the one good thing among this misfortune.


‘So, which town are the monsters headed to?’


I would probably hear a number of names.

Maybe I would be able to estimate what percentage of them would come here.


Hopefully, it would be a number that was manageable for us.

And so I prayed while I asked the slimes this question—but the answers I got were all the same.


‘The town you are in, Yuji!’

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