Tensei Kenja – 43


“It’s about 2 kilometers straight ahead. There are five wolf-type monsters! They look pretty weak!”


“You can tell that there are monsters 2 kilometers ahead!? Isn’t that too far to see!?”


“Do you really have the distance right? I don’t think it’s possible for even B-Rank Scouts to know the location of something they can’t see?”


Tina and the others looked at me doubtfully.

Apparently, the scouting abilities of a B-Rank Scout were lower than that of slimes with upgraded tamer skills.


“No, I’m sure they are 2 kilometers ahead. Of course, we’re getting closer now.”


I answered Tina while continuing to monitor the monsters through my slimes.

While I didn’t need to tell them how I did it, there was no need to hide the range of which I could detect monsters.


And then several minutes passed.


“Woah, they really are here!”


We encountered the monsters in the exact place I had said we would.


“They don’t look like much. You can handle them, Rodis! Are you fine doing it alone?”




Tina looked at the monsters and gave Rodis the order as she readied her bow.

As arrows were limited, she likely wouldn’t want to use them here, but just readied them as a precaution.


After receiving the order from Tina, Rodis charged towards the pack of monsters while swinging his sword.

He was clearly quite skilled with it and was able to kill all of them without ever appearing to be in danger. It all happened in a flash.


“Still, you were exactly right about the location…”


“Maybe Yuji’s scouting ability is top class among B-Rank Scouts…”


Tina and the others muttered as we continued on our way.

This brought a question to my mind, and so I asked them.


“So do A-Rank Scouts have an even wider range for detecting things?”


“Well, if there were any A-Rank Scouts, they would probably be able to detect a wider area than you. …But, there aren’t any A-Rank Scouts.”


“…There aren’t?”


“Not right now. Sometimes you hear of confident B-Rank Scouts taking the test, but I never heard of anyone passing. …Actually, I did hear that one person passed about 10 years ago.”


I see.

So it was very rare to be an A-Rank Scout.

We talked about this as we continued our way through the Forest of Delight.

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  1. 10 years ago… Another transferee? Cause it would be strange if Yuuji is the first. The party is suspicious tho. Especially the swordsman.

    • I think they have different criteria for scout and thief/ninja/assassins. While the latter could still be used as scout in some way, scout is much better at scouting in general

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