Tensei Kenja – 56


“Father Shtyle used to be the second most powerful in the great church of the capital. We treat him like a normal priest because that is what he wants, but he is actually the most important man in the city.”


Some gloomy faces in the room nodded at this.

Those who had lived here long already knew.


“…By the way, why did Father Shtyle come to this village?”


“It was a revelation, I am told. …I do not know what it said, but it must have caused quite an uproar in the church back then. After all, it happened right after the spirit summoning.”


…Things were a lot more complicated than I thought.

However, it did seem like we could not ignore what the priest said.


As I considered this…the dragon suddenly appeared in front of one of my slimes.

—It was bigger than when I last saw it in the forest.


Of course, I hadn’t actually measured it.

But it was so much bigger that I could tell.


“How big was the dragon from the myth?”


The manager seemed surprised at my question, but he answered.


“It the drawing in Father Shtyle’s book is accurate, it could cover the sky. Even when it was growing, it was as big as a cloud.”


Yes, it had looked very big in the book.


“…In that case, we might still have a chance. The dragon I saw is still much smaller than the mythological dragon.”


“‘Still’ you say…so it is getting bigger?”


“It is. If my detection ability is not wrong.”


I said as I used Thoughtography to show that the dragon had become larger.


Most living things don’t show their true power until they were fully grown.

No matter how vicious a shark is, it is just food for bigger fish when they are young.


If the Blue Dragon of Delight is the same dragon from the myth, it would be very young.

So there might be a chance that we could win.

In fact, the dragon had yet to destroy any villages. All it’s done was knock down some trees and boulders.


That was hardly anything for a dragon that was supposed to destroy a continent in 3 days.

It did nothing when we left the forest.


“…There is no time to lose. We must gather what men we can in a hurry. Thank you for the information. …Yad, send word to our neighbors and gather what you can. And do it quickly!”



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