Tensei Kenja – 63


“Why does Father Shtyle think the dragon is dead?”


“He says that God told him. …Also, he said that he will leave this city.”




Father Shtyle had lived here for over 10 years.

His sudden departure was a big deal. It wasn’t the same as when some Adventurer like me left.

If there was a reason…


“Another revelation?”


“Exactly. I asked him where he was going, but he would not tell me.”


…This timing. And without telling anyone his destination.

It seemed very odd, but maybe it was true that Father Shtyle had only been here in order to give me the short sword.


If that was true, I was curious as to where he would go next…

But if he didn’t tell them where he was going, he probably wouldn’t tell me either.


In any case, my main priority now was to deal with this dragon business.


“That sure is a useful skill. …So, about the dragon being dead. Do you know who did it?”


“We don’t. I don’t know anyone who would be capable of killing such a thing. …Though, I do know of one person who has a power that I don’t fully grasp.”


He said before giving me a hard stare.

…He suspected me.


“I’m just a Scout. My Tamer skills are just a small bonus. I can’t kill a dragon. …But I could join your scouting party if you want?”


“…No, that’s fine. We already finished assembling the party and they are preparing to leave.”


“I see.”


If the guild was going to move this quickly, there was no need for me to tell them anything about the dragon.

After all, they would still send the scouts to go and confirm it.

With that decided, I tried to move away from the manager…but he opened his mouth.


“It’s the guild’s job to deal with danger. You should rely on the guild if you ever need anything. …For instance, ‘I want to kill a dragon alone, but with your support.’ Etcetera.”


“And why would I say something like that?”


“Who knows.”


He said. Then he disappeared to the back of the guild.

I didn’t know how much he knew. Should I really consider myself undiscovered?


…In any case, I felt that it would be best to leave this city soon.

The guild surely had their eyes on me now, and things could get troublesome.


Considering what happened with the Earth Dragon, I would have likely been given a reward and a rank promotion had I come out as the killer of the dragon.

But in exchange, the guild would recognize that I was the guy who could kill powerful dragons.


I wanted to avoid that.

Besides, it was all a bit of a coincidence. The dragon had not seen us as enemies and then I just happened to gain a mysterious skill called Heaven Strike. That was how I was able to kill it.

If a similar dragon appeared in the future, I was not confident I would be able to meet their expectations.



As I was finished, I left the guild. It was then that I saw Tina and Lisa walking.

They saw me too and approached me.


“Yuji. Did you come to join the dragon hunting party too?”


Apparently, they had come to participate in the dragon-slaying.

…Which was pointless now.


“No. I think that is going to be canceled. There is no dragon, after all.”


“No dragon?”


“Not even a trace. The guild is going to send out a scouting party, but I’m sure the hunt will be canceled once they return.”


Tina looked relieved when she heard this.

Yes, no one actually looked forward to fighting a dragon.


“Then Yuji, why did you come to the guild?”

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    • Depending on the next boss level monsters Yuji will meet, this novel might be based on Skyrim. It’s a great game, and the author might be inspired by it.

  1. I think that Yuji is even more afraid of being overworked than fearful of dragons and other super monsters (in this case, a mythical big boi).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you, take care and have a great day!

    • He never made flames from any dragon, it’s not a real skill. All he did was use the dragon bones as a façade for his sage abilities.

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