Tensei Kenja – 68


“…Slimes are amazing! Are you a Tamer?”


“Yeah. I am a Tamer.”


“I don’t see Tamers very often, but it seems very useful! …And your slime is very cute.”


She said as she started to poke my slime.

Perhaps she didn’t hold any prejudices against Tamers because she wasn’t an Adventurer.


…We parted ways after that and I left Mariardo.

The sun would set if I took too much time.


‘Yuji. What are you going to use that furry thing for?’


The slime asked as we continued our journey.

Furry thing… They must mean the coat.


‘That’s something to wear when it is cold.’


‘…But it’s warm here. I don’t think you’ll need it?’


‘Yeah. I doubt I will use it in Rikardo. …But, uh. I might need it eventually. So it can’t hurt to have it.’


As long as I was an Adventurer, I would find myself in climates that were not normal.

Besides, there were some places that were warm during the day and very cold at night.

So having a fur coat was not a bad thing.


Well, I wasn’t going to use it now. So it’s not like I couldn’t have just bought it when the need arose.

…Such were my thoughts, but then…


‘Uh. Has it gotten colder?’


‘It’s getting chilly! Though, us wolves prefer colder climates!’


After about 30 minutes passes, the temperature dropped dramatically.

In Mariardo, it was hot with my current clothes, but now I was starting to feel cold.

As the Proud Wolf was covered in fur, he preferred it like this.


‘What about you slimes?’


‘We’re fine!’


‘I’ve never heard of a slime dying from the cold!’


Apparently, the slimes were strong to the cold.

Slimes were monsters that could be found just about anywhere. So they had high adaptability.

Still, this wasn’t cold enough to affect me negatively, and I wouldn’t need the coat.


That’s what I thought as we advanced…but the closer we got to Rikardo, the lower the temperature dropped.

Eventually, it was a temperature that made wearing a coat seem very natural.

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