Tensei Kenja – 76


And with that, I ran after the man.

We soon reached an area where a couple in their thirties and a child was laid out on a mattress over the ground.

Some neighbors had come out to watch. They looked very concerned.


“Hey, what happened here!?”


“The doctor will be here soon! Don’t give up!”


But…the people on the ground were clearly unconscious.

The cries of the villagers did not reach them.


“There’s no doctor. But I brought someone who can use recovery magic!”


The man who led me here shouted.

The others did not seem very comforted by this.


“There wasn’t an actual doctor?”


“There is no point in using recovery magic on someone who is sick!”




I didn’t know that.

While I had recovery magic, it wasn’t something I used much at all.


“A-are you really going to let him do this…?”


It seemed that I had made them anxious.

Well, it wasn’t too surprising. I had said I was going to treat them with recovery magic. But I didn’t even know anything about recovery magic.


Still, I looked through my list of skills…and found something called ‘Cure Poison.’

It was magic to treat people who had been poisoned.

That seemed perfect for this situation.


“Cure Poison.”


And so I tried using it on all three patients.

And then…their faces turned a little less red.

As people who had gotten Carbon Monoxide Poisoning were supposed to turn red, this seemed like a positive thing.


So the poisoning aspect had probably been resolved now.

The only thing left to do was to have them regain the lost energy.

Normal recovery magic should be enough.


“High Heal.”


Normal Heal seemed like it would not be enough for someone that was unconscious, and so I used the advanced one.

My MP went down, but not by much.


I chanted out loud on purpose. If I was using magic on patients, I thought the others would like to know what I was using.

And then…




“Why am I…”


The three of them regained consciousness.

So High Heal had worked after all.

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  1. Them distrustful residents. I might be wrong, but I think those sick people would have recovered after a while by breathing clean air, unless the cold got to them of course. I guess you could say, smoking skills 😎
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

    • They think that the people are sick, rather than injured or poisoned. And frankly, if a healer doesn’t know much about healing, of course they’d be scared.

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