Tensei Kenja – 83


Well, they didn’t look that great either, but the cursed magic stone had the ability to kill all trees and plants by just being placed on the ground.

There hadn’t even been a blade of grass around it.


So this was likely something different entirely… But it still felt eerie.

My gut feeling was that it was not good.


I could have the slimes bring it back so I could study it…?

No, I couldn’t make the slimes touch something I wasn’t sure about.


It would probably be best for me to go directly.

Thanks to the amount of magic energy I had, even the real cursed stone did not work on me.


‘Proud Wolf. I need you to take me to the place where this stone is.”




I sent the order as I left the town.

After a while, the Proud Wolf came running towards me.


‘There’s another one here!’


‘Isn’t that the same one?’


While I was riding on the Proud Wolf’s back, other slimes told me that they had found stones too.

So there was more than one.

I wasn’t sure if they naturally occurred in nature or if they were manmade…but they probably weren’t natural if the slimes were so suspicious of them.


I thought about it until we arrived.

There were about 10 slimes surrounding the stone.


I couldn’t sense anything like danger from the blue magic stones.

There was a thin layer of snow covering it.

If this was a cursed magic stone, then the snow would have melted.


This meant it was probably safe to touch.

And so I stretched out my hand.


But…something unexpected happened as I was about to touch it.

The surface of the magic stone turned a little darker.

And it was just in the spot I was about to touch.

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  1. Danger balls, lolz. Yup, I’m 100% sure those things are the source of the cold weather. Anyway, those cute slimes going all Rambo is so adorable, and now they have boar roast.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

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