Tensei Kenja – 85






And so I had the slimes return and then I looked at the completed map.

We had gathered 108 stones in all.


All of the stones were contained in an area that was in the shape of a circle.

…So it seemed only natural to assumed that something would be in the center of it.


‘When you gather together, come to this point here!’


I said to the few slimes that were around me as I pointed to the map.

As my tamed slimes were able to communicate with each other, this was the same thing as telling all of them.




With the help of the Proud Wolf, the slimes started to tighten their net.

Up until now, the slimes were scattered quite far apart, but now they were close enough that they wouldn’t miss a marble on the ground.


And yet, they still did not find anything.

But my instincts were telling me that there must be something here.


There was something about the forest that seemed unnatural.

And it wasn’t just the snow that was here at the wrong season.

There was something different, some alteration that was done to the forest itself.


…Perhaps it was disguised too well.

Or could I just be wrong about it all?


‘What should we do?’


‘Should we wait?’


Waiting for something to happen was a valid option too.

But… We could wait for a whole year, and there was no guarantee that something would happen.

Just waiting seemed too passive.


‘…I’ll have to use my trump card then.’

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  1. Barrier using the circle of slimes(lol) and then incinerating everything inside, or perhaps something else. Interesting, quite interesting.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

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