Tensei Kenja – 87


The fact that they hadn’t sent more people suggested that the Blue Moon of Salvation understood that it was beyond repair.

I thought about this as I continued to cast concealment magic on the slimes.


‘There’s nothing here…’


‘Hmm. It’s just a straight path.’


For now, the passage that the slimes were in kept stretching on.

But while there were no branching paths, it was not perfectly straight.


It was clearly a manmade tunnel, but the walls and floors were rough and uneven.

It looked like it had been dug with pickaxes.

At least, it was clear that it hadn’t been dug with a shield machine, like back on earth.


However, it was still very wide.

It was about 5 meters in both height and width.


This seemed a little excessive if only humans were to pass through.

So it was probably used to transport supplies and machines.




‘It’s like it gets older the deeper you go in.’


I muttered as I saw the inside of the tunnel with the slimes’ Shared Vision.

There were a few places near the entrance that looked like it had been dug recently, but such marks became fewer the deeper it went.


It seemed that the tunnel had been dug outwards over a very long period of time.

…So we were likely headed towards the base, which was used for digging this place.


That’s what I thought as we continued on.

It really was…long.

It was practically an underground tunnel.


It was probably more than a kilometer long.

It would have required an immense amount of time and people to dig a tunnel of that length and width.


The walls were starting to look older and older.

This tunnel…it was likely decades old.


But how had the Blue Moon of Salvation been able to do all of this without anyone noticing?

The answer…was at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. And again, cliff-kun strikes at the readers. Oh well, at least we got to read about those slimes acting bravely, and still being cute while asking about killing some humans (yeah, bad humans, so it’s ok).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

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