Tensei Kenja – 90


The other man nodded and also took out a knife.


There was no point in trying to stop them.

I had tried to capture members of Blue Moon of Salvation many times. But I have never been able to prevent them from dying.


“To save this tarnished world!”


“To save this tarnished world!”


They both shouted before swinging their knives.

What I had to do was…


‘Slime. Get out of there! …I’m going to use an explosion!’




I said as I cast defense magic onto the slime. Then I transferred a magic explosion.

And then, without taking any damage, the slime flew into the air as it was carried by the shock waves.


‘Woah! I’m flying!’


This magic wouldn’t have worked on a human.

But it worked as a method of evacuation for slimes, as they were light and strong against physical attacks.


‘I love doing that!’


The slimes commented leisurely as they watched their friend flying.

They knew that it was fun because I had practiced doing it before.


I had thought that it would be good to have a way to move the slimes quickly even without the Proud Wolf.

Well, it drew attention and was difficult to control, so I wouldn’t be using it too often.


‘And now, the defense magic!’


There was no time to watch the flying slime.

I began to use defense magic with the MP I had saved from not using Hellfire of Death for a second time.


“Anti-physical Barrier, Anti-magic Barrier, Magic Reflect Barrier…”


I didn’t know what kind of magic they had set up here, but it sounded dangerous.

I could use the slime to put up multiple barriers that would withstand Hellfire of Death.

But still…I had a bad feeling about it.

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  1. And here I was expecting this page would have the conclusion, or some clues, but nope, just a flying slime. Is it NASA? As in Nice Agency of Slime Airborne? Still, even with some horrific occult idiots in there, the slimes are always seeing the bright side. Really adorable puddings.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

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