Two Saints – 103


Kilian couldn’t help but groan as he listened. Well, that had been the plan, Maki and Chiharu thought with a far away look.

“I suppose the one thing we should be concerned about, is that Chiharu’s wig flew off and they might have recognized her as a Saintess. But we could just say that we didn’t know. After all, the merfolk and the birdfolk left such a strong impression, that even Aaron and I would have easily been forgotten.”

Edwy ended his report. What? Wasn’t it Edwy who captivated all those young women from the town by the mirror lake? Maki recalled how both of them had gained so much attention as the handsome brothers. However, she kept such thoughts to herself.

“The birdfolk, eh…”

Kilian said with a far away look. In fact, birdfolk had been visiting the castle in great numbers since a few days ago. The children were happy to play with them and be carried into the sky. It caused quite an uproar.

Kilian muttered about this for a moment, and then Aaron looked at Chiharu with realization. Chiharu tried to avoid his glance.

“Chiharu. You knew this would happen, didn’t you…”

“N-no, I didn’t…”

Chiharu insisted.

“By the way, king…”

She talked to Kilian in order to try and change the subject.

“Call me Kilian. I heard that you call Arthur by his name.”

“Uh, Kilian.”

Chiharu said.

“We were also carried by the birdfolk when going and leaving. Of course, so was Aaron. You said that the birdfolk were carrying children?”

“Aye, yes.”

“The birdfolk will carry adults as well. After all, they carried Aaron and Edwy.”


“With a little practice. I think they will be delighted if you asked them.”

To Maki, Chiharu sounded like the devil whispering into his ear.

“I see. I will ask  them then.”


“Oh, that’s right.”

Kilian had almost played into Chiharu’s hands, but a word from Aaron brought him back.

“We will have to pay attention to any movement inland as well then. I have to contact Arthur. But more importantly, Aaron, Edwy, and the Saintesses.”

The four nodded.

“We will head to the elf lands immediately.”

Edwy declared for the others.

“That’s why I am here.”

Said Aeris. While he had lost his composure earlier, his words still had weight, since he was the White Philosopher. Kilian looked relieved as he turned to Aeris.

“You may stay here for a few days first.”

“No, I have plans. Killian, unfortunately we must leave by airship at once.”

He said. And then he turned to Edwy.

“Leave your belongings. We leave now. As for Aaron.”

“I am fine. But the Saintesses…”

Aaron nodded and looked at Maki and Chiharu. But Aeris was the one who answered.

“It’s fine. Sera brought extra belongings just in case. She said that elves were not very perceptive when it came to such things.”

Miss Sera…she had been grumbling about elves.

“Well, we shall leave now.”

Aeris said. Maki and Chiharu turned to look at Kilian.

“Thank you. You and the people of Lowland have been very good to us.”

They said with a bow. It wasn’t just Aaron. The people who had taken the carriage on ahead or the other drivers. They had been helped by quite a lot of people.

“Good. It was no trouble.”

And then Kilian smiled in a unkingly way.

“Now, I better go and speak to the birdfolk.”

There would likely be many more of the birdfolk in Lowland soon. It was with this premonition that he left the office.

“Well, Maki. Chiharu. Let’s go.”

“We’re here too.”

Aaron said.

“But to be honest, I’m quite tired.”

Maki admitted.

“I am sure that you are. And so I think we will stop somewhere on the way.”

Aeris whispered.

“Stop somewhere?”

“Stop somewhere?”

“Didn’t I say that I had plans?”

Aeris said as he looked around and made sure that no one was watching. Then he turned to Maki and Chiharu.

“We have an airship. It won’t matter if we are late by one day.”

Maki and Chiharu nodded eagerly. Edwy and Aaron looked exasperated.

“There is a beautiful island on the way to the elf lands. We will stay there tonight.”

Maki and Chiharu’s eyes shone as they looked at Aeris. Their wandering travels were finally going to begin!

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