Two Saints – 111


But now that they have seen the mark on your foreheads, things should settle down a little. I thank you for visiting the elf lands.”

He said, and then looked to the side.

“Aaron. And Edwy, huh? Human children do grow so fast. I am very impressed.”

He talked as if he were their grandfather. Edwy’s expression was hard to read. Was he happy or not happy? But he greeted him properly all the same.

“Forgive us for the delay. There was some pressing business we had to attend to.”

“Aye, it is fine. I heard about what you did in the dwarf lands. We know that Midland has a responsibility to protect the Saintesses. Do not worry.”

The king shook his head and then looked over to Toul. Toul nodded.

“Aeris. I hear that my mother bothered you again. I am sorry.”

He said with a grimace.

“It’s fine. While she is your mother, she can do as she pleases when it comes to love. I am just sorry that I cannot give her the answer she wants.”

Aeris replied calmly. Mother! Maki and Chiharu looked at each other. This person was the child of the woman in the bed? It was very confusing to be in a country where people lived for so long!

“So you were there too. It must have been shocking for ones so young.”

Toul said with a laugh before reaching out a hand to their cheeks, much like Aeris did. However, Aeris stopped him.

“They are not children. They are grown women. Do not touch them so casually.”

Aeris said as his hand went around Chiharu’s waist, completely ruining his own argument.

“Really, Aeris! So the rumors were true! They are adults!”

Chiharu thought that Toul’s eyes went to her chest for a second, but she wasn’t sure. Regardless, it was very rude.

“By the way, I must speak to you about work. Aeris, Edwy, and Aaron. Come with me to another room.”
“Work? I planned to show Maki and Chiharu the elf lands.”

“There is no time for that.”

“But Maki and Chiharu…”

“I thought it was decided that they are not to go near the monsters.”

“…So it’s about the dungeons.”


Apparently, something had happened in the dungeons.

“Maki, Chiharu. I’m sorry. I have to talk with him.”

Aeris said apologetically, but Maki and Chiharu just shook their heads. The king saw this and said,

“Hmm. Then I will have one of the princesses guide you. Given your age, maybe the fifth princess would be best. Rhea!”

He called. For a second nothing happened, then the beautiful young elf they had seen earlier stepped out of the crowd with a somber expression.

“Rhea is my youngest daughter. She is calm and gentle, so she will be perfect for the task.”

Were all parents so blind?

“Rhea will need some help. I will go too.”

“Ah, you too, Aila? That would be a comfort.”


The first princess stepped out gracefully and smiled as she looked at Toul.

“What, Toul? You’re frowning.”

“I wonder who is the reason for that.”

“Hahaha. As I am older, it is clear that I am better fitted to showing them around.”

“No, sister. I will go too!”

Sparks flew between the two sisters.

“What should we do?”

“Doesn’t this have nothing to do with us?”

Maki and Chiharu whispered to each other.

“My daughters are so cute no matter how old they become. I am sure you will have a great time, Saintesses.”

The king said, before leaving with the others, who looked a little worried. Maki and Chiharu were immediately surrounded by elves. It was a little intimidating to have so many tall elves look down at them. On one hand, Makie was very curious as well, and looked back at them with interest. Chiharu stood straight and had a cool expression. And as the purification was something tangible, the elves could not help but be drawn towards them.

“What was all that about elves not being interested in people?”

“They’re way too interested.”

They muttered to each other. But it was drowned out by the whispering of the elves.

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