Two Saints – 46


During this time, Edwy was very irritated that he was unable to enter the dungeon.


“It is very rare for human royalty to come here.”

“This is to continue good relations concerning the magic stones.”


And so he had to continue to attend dinners along with Nyran. During the day, he had to take tea with other powerful neighbors.


But Aeris and Kaider, who was dwarf royalty and therefore not worth very much in the eyes of the mayor, were allowed to go to the dungeons with the soldiers.


And the dungeons were not peaceful.


The dungeons of Gromble were big and deep. So even if there were 100 soldiers in there, it would not have been impossible for Adventurers to go in and hunt. That’s how many monsters there were.


However, the Adventurers were not that desperate, and so they just wandered around the town instead.


At first, only half of the soldiers were going to be sent in, but they were all sent in the end.


It was the fourth day now, and he was still forced to have dinner with these important people.


“It should be time soon.”

“I’ve had enough.”


In the hall, there were two human children with sand-colored hair who were helping with the food. As it was unusual to the dwarves, the guests were amused.


“Are they inland children? Why are they working so far from home?”

“I only talked with them a little, but that seems to be the case. But they were unable to make a living there, and so they came here.”


That’s what Edwy and Nyran talked about on the balcony after getting away from the others.


“Oh, but you are our honored guests. Please come inside.”


It was the mayor. He was about 250 years old and likely to retire soon. But he had developed this dungeon town and been mayor of Gromble ever since the beginning.


“I must have drunk too much. I needed to cool off out here.”

“Oh, that is no good. There is an arbor over there. Please let me take you there.”


The mayor said as he touched Edwy’s waist. Edwy moved away.


“I think we will have to return to our main objective soon. We are very grateful for your hospitality, but I will go to the dungeon tomorrow. Thank you for welcoming us.”


He said flatly.


“Oh, dear. But I hope you will at least stay, Prince Nyran.”

“No, it is my job to go to the dungeon. For Gromble’s sake, I will go tomorrow.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you.”


And then the mayor went back inside.


“Can I be honest with you, Nyran? Something about him disgusts me.”

“You too? On the first day he muttered something about how he wished I had visited when I was younger.”


A chill ran up his spine.


“What if the child waiters…”

“I doubt it. They did not seem afraid in the least…”


They muttered together in the garden.


“I’m afraid I now feel the monsters are more decent.”

“We’ll go to the dungeon tomorrow. We will.”


And then they would take Maki and Chiharu with them and return to Midland.

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  1. “And then they would take Maki and Chiharu with them and return to Midland.”

    Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen. I mean, they haven’t even visited beastman and elf territory yet. Honestly I’d expect these two saints to go on a world tour for, well, pretty much forever. They have no homes any more, so until they find somebody to settle down with, Midland is no more home than anywhere else.

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