Two Saints – 49


“There is an important dwarven guest here. But the master is growing annoyed by him. After tonight…”


The boy looked at Maki and Chiharu. They gulped.


“You won’t be able to leave.”


And then he closed the door.



“Maki, calm down.”


Chiharu tried to comfort her.


“So he will come back to bring us dinner. And he will forget to lock the door. That’s when he wants us to escape.”

“Will it really go so smoothly?”

“I don’t think it will at all.”

“Uh, then why are you going along with it, Chiharu?”

“I just want something to change.”

“Right. But that kid will probably get in trouble if we leave.”

“That’s probably a good thing. Then he’ll get thrown out.”

“We can’t do that! I don’t want him to get involved.”

“That’s why we have to plan this. Okay?”


And so they started to plan their escape. And then they took a good nap.


During those two days, what were Edwy and the others doing?


“Tsk. It’s already been two days!”

“We’re almost at the entrance! In any case, we need to make the soldiers and Adventurers retreat!”


They were desperately trying to escape the dungeon.


“Damn it. I’ve crawled in dungeons for years but this has never happened before!”


A seasoned Adventurer muttered.


“What the hell is happening? The monsters are so active now. And they keep coming from below!”


This was what all of them were thinking. But Edwy knew. He knew that Maki and Chiharu were close by. So this is was what it was like for the monsters to go wild.


“What happened?”


Edwy muttered. The two of them were so unpredictable, but they also kept their promises. They should be with Grudo at the health resort. So there must be some reason that they were now close to the dungeon.


There were so many monsters that the soldiers could barely keep them contained by the entrance. And so Grudo’s message had not reached Edwy.


It was too late. No, it wouldn’t have mattered if they had come sooner. They kept rising up no matter how many they killed. As if they were waiting for their turn.


“You’ve wasted my time.”


He could not help but be furious at the mayor.


It didn’t matter how hard the soldiers and Adventurers fought.


“The monsters are coming out.”


If they didn’t, the soldiers would all die.


“What will happen when they get out?”


He didn’t know. The monsters would be attracted to the living.


“Edwy. Choose a soldier that can be used as a messenger.”

“Alright, Nyran. We’ll have the Mayor prepare in advance.”


Unfortunately, Gromble did not have a strong castle. And so the people went into the buildings. Those who could went into their cellars. The Adventurers of the town gathered together and joined the soldiers as they fought the monsters that came out of the entrance.


“Half a day more.”


If they could only reach the surface without losing any men. And so Edwy, Kaider, and Nyran swung their swords.

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