Two Saints – 68


“Maki and Chiharu. I won’t force you…”


“I won’t force you. But would you consider accompanying us to the elf lands?”


Chiharu recalled something. When Aeris had first made this request in this very room. Two months had passed since then. But now she could fulfill that promise. She turned to Maki. Maki nodded.


“We’ll go!!”

“We’ll go!!”


Everyone seemed to be relieved. Then Van said,


“Everything will be prepared for you there. The only thing you need is the clothes on your back!”


It was just as Sera had said. Why was he like this? Maki thought it was funny, but Chiharu turned an expressionless face towards him.


“The clothes on our back? How many days will it take for us to get there?”

“Well, two days to the south lands and only one day from there.”

“So, that’s three days. What are we supposed to do during those three days?”

“That…you can just continue as you are.”


Damn researcher! Chiharu looked at Van with cold eyes. Van took a step back.


“Besides, why are we going there?”

“Because of…um. To collect the miasma…”

“And what are we supposed to do on the way?”

“Uh… You can stare into space…”


Chiharu’s eyes turned even colder. Then she turned to Arthur, who was chuckling quietly. He quickly stopped.


“Did you hear that…?”

“Well, I think it’s true that we only need to be there. At least he’s not lying to us.”


As Chiharu looked Van down, she left Maki to finish the conversation.


“As we heard about this yesterday, we talked about it as well. And we’ve been wondering about how we can participate.”

“How? What do you mean, Maki?”


Aeris looked at her quizzically.


“It’s like Chiharu says. We don’t want to stare into space as mere tourists.”

“I see. However, it really is enough that you gather miasma.”

“But we do that automatically.”


Aeris thought about it for a moment.


“You could help the cook…”

“Uncle! How can you ask that of the Saintesses.”

“But they make a really good soup.”


Maki was starting to find these two rather amusing together. However, there was no time. Maki turned towards Grudo.


“Grudo. Are you going too?”

“Aye. Kaider is enough as a dwarf representative, but I want to see the dungeons and magic stones.”


“Then Chiharu and I will work under Grudo as Magic Stone Researchers.”

“Magic Stone Researchers?”


The others all repeated in unison.

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