Two Saints – 71


Chiharu looked happy as she turned to Maki. Maki was looking at the river as she said,


“We would be able to swim if we brought our bathing suits.”

“In the river?”



The river was shallow but the current was fast.


“I guess we can still put our feet in it.”



And then Kaider asked them,

“What’s a bathing suit?”

“Huh? It’s something you wear when you go swimming.”

“Swimming? But you’re a woman?”


Right. You weren’t supposed to show much skin in this world. Maki remembered.


“Yeah. They taught you to swim back in school. Most people there can swim.”

“However, clothes just for that…”

“So it doesn’t bog you down. They are cut off around here and stick tightly to your body.”


Maki said as she held her thigh. Kaider looked around awkwardly as if to make sure that no one else was watching.


“It-it’s really that short?”


He whispered.


“Uh, yeah. A lot of them were in two pieces so your midriff was exposed.”

“Your stomach! What kind of world…”

“Hey, Kaider. Your face looks red. Are you hot?”


Nyran walked up to them.


“No, we were just talking about bathing suits.”

“Wait, Maki. I don’t think you should talk about that!”



Nyran looked at Kaider suspiciously.


“Are you sure?”

“Y-yes. I-I’ll tell you about it later.”

“You will?”


Nyran tilted his head in puzzlement as they returned to the rest of the group.


“Maki-chan? Kaider?”


Kaider seemed to be unable to look at Chiharu in the face. He couldn’t even look at her body. After all, the bottom only went up to there. There. Chiharu realized what was happening.


“You’re horrible!”

“It’s not my fault!”


It was Maki’s fault. Maki said she was sorry as she rolled on the floor with laughter. Nyran still looked confused. Oh, well. At least he wasn’t the one that Chiharu was angry with. Now, it was time to eat lunch.

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  1. Where are Midland, Lowland & Highland? I only remember inland is the place most human countries are.
    Are they the land of Dwarf, Elf & Beastman?
    Thank for the chapter.

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