Two Saints – 74


Kaider had scolded them at first. But they ignored him and went out onto the balcony. It was already dark outside.


“There is no tunnel her connecting to the dwarf lands, so there may be no gazers here.”

“They’ll have to cross the sea if they want to go to the elf lands.”


They talked leisurely and ignored the guards that stood behind them. This was the first time that Kaider and Nyran had guarded them while being this close. They looked up at the sky anxiously. However, before they were able to see anything…





Maki and Chiharu pointed. One, two, three, and four…


“Hey, how many of them are going to come!”


Kaider hissed. Van took in a deep breath. Nyran crouched a little and touched the pommel of his sword.


“It looks like there are seven of them. What a surprise. So many. What’s wrong?”


Chiharu said calmly.


“What’s wrong… What is she saying.”

“Be quiet, Van.”


“From the mountain? Not the sea? Did you float all the way here because no one noticed you when you came out?”


Chiharu was talking a lot.


“I see. You’re tired. Then, I’ll return you to a magic stone.”


The gazer trembled a little and then approached Chiharu and Maki. Van was about to jump forward, but Nyran stopped him. Van turned to Nyran as if he could not believe what was happening. But he quickly turned back to Maki and Chiharu.


The gazer rubbed against Maki and Chiharu’s hands. Yes, like it was being coddled. Then it glowed faintly before shrinking. There was a clink as the small stone fell to the floor. In just a brief moment, all seven of the gazers disappeared.


Chiharu and Maki leaned out over the balcony.


“I guess that’s all for tonight.”



And then they quietly picked up the stones.


“I don’t think there will be anymore tonight.”

“Thank you.”


They said to their guards. Then they returned to the room and turned up the lights a little.


“You…the monsters…are you alright…”

“Van. Calm down.”


Chiharu hadn’t smiled towards Van once since they met, but she now turned to face him. This was because for once, he was more concerned about them as friends than as a researcher who was interested in monsters.


Chiharu glanced over to Nyran. This was because it seemed like Van would be worried no matter what they said to him.


“Van, calm down. They’ve done this before. And as of now, there have been no negative side-effects.”


“It’s fine.”


Nyran turned to face Van and then grabbed him by the shoulders.


“It’s alright. Don’t worry.”

“Ah. Yes…”


We saw them do this nearly every day, so we’re used to it. But maybe we were like this the first time. Nyran thought.


“Nyran. Van. Can I talk to you?”

“Ah, he seems fine now.”

“Alright, can you sit down then?”


Chiharu made everyone sit on the sofa.


“What? Shouldn’t you two get some rest?”

“Kaider. Nyran. Do you mind?”



Chiharu and Maki were so serious that it was almost scary.


“The gazers. They said that they went over many mountains.”

“Mountains? Not the sea?”


Chiharu nodded. Nyran stood up suddenly.


“Do you mean, they crossed the border?”



Impossible. There was no dungeon there.

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  1. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Kaider knew Nyran’s immediate family better than he himself did?
    As always, thanks for the chapter!!

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