Two Saints – 77


“I’m sorry…”



Just as Maki was going to say no, Chiharu interrupted her.


“Let’s go.”

“No, Chiharu. This isn’t a fun field trip where we can play dress-up. If the inland royals find us, they might even kill us.”

“But still…”


Chiharu continued.


“I won’t forget the time he saved me at the mirror lake. And I think Amia might know a secret about the monsters and magic stones. If that’s what he’s investigating, should we really be going to the elf lands?”



Her once shy friend was starting to become a lot cooler recently. It was true. They had only just recently declared that they would work to do research on the magic stones.


“Besides, he really did help me when I was drowning. I don’t see how I can abandon my rescuer when he’s in trouble.”

“You’re probably right. We won’t have much fun in the elf lands anyway if we are worrying about him. But still…”


Maki folded her arms.


“There is no point in going if you are useless. Will we really be able to do anything?”

“Of course, we will.”


Chiharu insisted.


“Maki. Were you thinking about going without telling anyone?”



She had thought that would be the only way. 


“We decided not to act secretly anymore, because it made people worry. So, even if I can’t be useful, surely the people that come with us will be.”

“Uh, we can’t just leave everything to others, Chiharu.”

“But, I really don’t think I can do much. Though, I do have really thick skin.”

“I’m not sure that has anything to do with it.”


Maki pointed out.


“Besides, were you listening to Saia? We’re not allowed to get the other territories involved.”

“Yes. The merfolk can’t.”


“People who guard or care for the Saintesses and just happened to come along and do something…and just happened to gain information… I don’t think it is related to the other territories.”


“That is some trickery…”


Was it alright? Maybe it was.


“Beloved children. We are able to leave the water, but we draw so much attention. And there are many people near the mirror lake, so we cannot go up onto dry land. I won’t ask you to help the chief if he is in trouble. We just want information. We want to know what has happened.”


Saia pleaded with them.

“Information, huh? We might be able to do that.”


“That might be all we can do. You’re fine with that? Also, if it looks like it will get dangerous for Chiharu, we’re going to turn back immediately.”

“I don’t mind. The chief would be furious that we even asked such a thing of you.”


Saia shrugged his shoulders as if to say it could not be helped.


“The chief is very important. As for contacting us, you should be able to find one us in any large lake or river.”


Saia said. Then he hugged Maki and Chiharu before returning to the sea with the others.


Maki and Chiharu watched them leave.


“What did you think of that?”

“I enjoyed it. You don’t see many guys as handsome as Saia.”


That wasn’t the problem. They had just accepted a very dangerous mission. But they were both as easygoing as ever.

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