Two Saints – 81


“There is no end to it when talking about their good points. So, let’s talk about the magic stones.”

“The Saintess’s stone? The one on their foreheads?”

“No. The Saintesses can turn monsters into magic stones.”

“Ah, that. To be honest, I find it hard to believe.”

“Van was like that until he saw it too.”

“Really? I thought he didn’t go to the dwarf lands.”



Aaron looked confused for a second. If it wasn’t in the dwarf lands, then where…



“Yes. On the road.”

“In Midland”!

“The last time was in a border town. We could see Lowland on the other side of the river.”


Edwy said this as if to say that this concerned Lowland as well.


“One of the gazers that they met had apparently come over the mountains.”

“It said that? A monster?”

“Yes. A monster.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“The Saintesses can speak with them.”

“It’s impossible.”


Aaron sometimes went to the dungeons while he was in the elf lands, and so he knew more about monsters than most humans. The elves were not very passionate about fighting, and so sometimes monsters would come out of the dungeons when there weren’t too many human Adventurers around. However, the elves didn’t care unless they attacked someone. And even if they did attack, the elves would just sigh and shoot them down with their bows.


It was because of this, that they weren’t able to react in time to the sudden rise in monsters and miasma. And so things had become very dangerous.


“Still, I want to believe.”

“Well, you don’t have to believe it until you see it. There’s no point in spending time trying to persuade you.”

“I-I see.”


Edwy was rather harsh.


“You don’t have to believe. You just have to understand why the Saintesses accepted this request from the merfolk.”

“I suppose there is a possibility that something is happening inland.”



Edwy nodded as if to say, ‘well done.’


“They will be a brother and sister of 14 and 12. This is the Aaron company, and you are protecting them. And so you must treat them as if they were ordinary, hard-working children.”

“But they are princesses.”

“They worked as the cook’s helpers back in the dwarf lands.”



Aaron was shocked.


“I have too little information. These are not the Saintesses I was expecting at all.”

“Well, you made too many assumptions. So in a way, it’s your own fault.”


Edwy said harshly.


“We will be brothers, so you can call me Ed. I’ll call you Aaron.”

“And them?”

“Norfe and Chouze.”

“Norfe and Chouze? But those are the names of the prince and princess.”

“Do you know how many babies were named Edwy and Aaron when we were born?”

“I see. You’re right. It’s quite natural, actually.”

“Now, I will spend the rest of our time telling you how great Maki and Chiharu are.”

“Give me a break…”


Of course, Edwy would do no such thing. They did not have the energy to share information with each other during the remainder of the trip.

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