Two Saints – 88


“We better be careful.”



They had not come here to sightsee, so they tried to stay focused.


After spending the night in an inn, the group was welcomed at the market the next day, where a spot had been made for their carriage.


“People who sell vegetables have to deal with a lot of heavy cargo, so it will be easier if you can park the carriage right behind your stall.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s nothing. As it’s summer, there aren’t many people selling root vegetables now. Well, I might come and buy from you later.”


The market manager said as he left them.


“Hey. Ed, Norfe, Chouze. Let’s sell some Soluna oranges!”





The town’s people had already gathered with glimmering expectation in their eyes. And so it was necessary to start selling them soon. The crowd murmured restlessly as Aaron and Edwy took the boxes down. Then they lined up in front of their stall.


That being said, it was 300 gil for 1 orange, which was hardly cheap.


“Little boy, I’ll take one.”

“Yes, that will be 300 gil.”

“Little girl, I’ll have three.”

“Okay, that’s 900 gil.”


These oranges were quite a luxury for the common folk. Most people only bought one. And at most they would buy five. Regardless, they all seemed happy as they left. They would probably share them with their family.


The customers kept coming, and so Maki and Chiharu continued to sell them.


“Those two are pretty useful.”

“You’re right.”


After taking the boxes down, the two of them just stared and watched Maki and Chiharu work. Then Maki shouted at them.


“Ed! Aaron! Why don’t you go peddling if you have nothing better to do!”



They looked dumbfounded. Maki was so annoyed that she left Chiharu alone and walked over to them.


“We’re so busy that we don’t have time to talk to anyone! Put some oranges in a box and go around the market so you can listen to rumors and gather information!”

“Oh. Ohh…”

“Edwy, you should try talking to the young ladies!”

“Uh. What…”


Then she returned to the stall.


“That’s right. We didn’t come here to sell oranges.”

“Yes. Let’s go.”


The two of them picked up some smaller boxes and filled them with oranges. Then they went around to the other stalls so they could sell the oranges to people who couldn’t leave their spot. Maki saw them talking and also accepting things, and she sighed with relief.


“While it was us who was asked to do this, we might as well make use of any help that we can get.”

“Look at Edwy. He’s surrounded by women.”

“I knew he would be.”


They were so distracted that they forgot about their customers.


“Are you worried about your brother?”


An old lady who had bought three oranges asked them with an amused expression.


“No. I was just thinking about how he is popular no matter where he goes.”


Maki answered.


“Oh, you’ll know what that’s like in about three years. See, you’re already starting to draw attention.”


The old lady said as she looked to the side. Maki and Chiharu looked as well. There was a small group of girls who appeared to be around 15 years old. They were looking at them and giggling to each other. Well, to be precise, they were looking at Maki.



“You have a very unusual eye color. They’re already talking about the Lowland youth who is cool but has a face like a girl’s.”



Maki looked awkward. Chiharu burst into laughter.


“Norfe, in a way, you are popular with all kinds of people.”

“Be quiet. That was pretty traumatic…”


Maki said as her head dropped. Well, at least this time it was just young girls. It would be fine.

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  1. From the dwarf lands, I was under impression that the more miasma, the worse people’s personalities get. But maybe dwarves were just naturally grumpy.

    I wonder if Maki/Norfe ends up kidnapped by the young girl princess.

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