Two Saints wander off into a Different World 1


“Ah, give me one too. I wanted to spend time with him just as much as he did, but our days off would never align.”

“Exactly! Exactly! Oh, I’ll have an omelet.”

“Ah, I’ll have some takoyaki. Also a radish salad. But still he…”

Maki was starting one of her drunken rants.

“I totally understand, Maki-chan. Let me guess what your boyfriend said. Oh, not boyfriend, Mr. Idiot.”

“Chiharu…that’s quite mean…”

“You may be able to get along by yourself. But a girlfriend should not get by alone. I have to support you…”

Chiharu said with a mocking gesture.

“…That’s right, Chiharu…are you the devil?”

“What, no. Maybe God.”

“That’s a good one.”

“Huh? You worked hard to be able to provide for yourself! That’s what being an employed adult is about. Am I wrong, Maki-san?”

“Uh, not at all.”

“You are working hard even if you might actually like to be indulged. That’s what it means to work in society. Am I wrong, Maki-san?”

“Uh, no. By the way, isn’t it wrong that I have to look after new people who say they can’t do anything, live with their parents and leave unfinished work for me? Chiharu-san?”

“Oh, that is very wrong, Maki-chan-san.”

“Uh, you should just say Maki-san.”

“Oh, right.”

They were both face-down on the table now. To put it simply, both of them had lost their boyfriends to new employees who had joined the company in the spring. Why was there even a tutor system?

No, it was a good thing for veterans to teach newcomers, but this resulted in new couples at an alarming rate. Chiharu continued.

“You know, it’s way too early to be thinking about marriage, but it was him who was trying to rush me into it you know? And I did tell him that it was too early. But then he said he wanted me to stay home. I think not!”

“Well, you do look like the type guys would want to protect.”

“But how is it strange for me to want to work a little bit longer? I’m not even a veteran yet!”

“It’s hard, but working is very fun…”

“Yes… Next time, I’ll fall for someone who can support me in my job and life as much as I support him.”

“Yes. Yes. Someone like him should fall for that sweet newcomer and disappear!”


“Wh-what is it?”

“Maki-chan, I don’t know about your boyfriend, but my ex’s new girlfriend…”

Chiharu emptied her highball in one gulp.

“Waiter, red wine, in a decanter!”

“You keep going. Aren’t you mixing them a bit much?”

“Two glasses!”

“Me too?”


“Ah, we’re going back on topic…”

“Everything that she has and wears are expensive brand items.”

“Hoho. Chiharu, does that mean?”

“She’s squeezing him dry.”

“What an idiot, your boyfriend.”


“Yeah, yeah.”

“It’s what he deserves!”


The decanter was now empty. Neither of them had meant to drink so much, but they had started with too much momentum.

“On to the next bar!”


They no longer cared about their exes. They had alcohol and friendship. They drunkenly left the bar, arm in arm and in the best of moods.

Then they fell.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I thought the first chapter would start with a bit of introduction of characters then suddenly transfers into a different world.

  2. Is it weird that I both can relate and NOT relate to them? I mean… I never experience it myself but I’ve heard of it happening to lots of my friends… made me a little guilty everytime (^^;=)~

    • Life’s goals aren’t aligning for the dating couple. What one side takes as a means, the other takes as a goal. Then we have lonely career women in their 30-40’s bemoaning the lack of good men.

  3. I like the writing style and the two characters, and wish to see them further. But mostly the way this chapter ended was the best. Then they fell.

  4. Still nothing to see, but the start is quite good with those two’s rants. Will see how it continues in the next few chaps.
    Thanks for the hard work~!

  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    I don’t drink, but from what I understand from my sis who drinks sometimes, mixing alcohols, especially certain types, is a big no-no. Apparently, it’s not only the fastest way to get badly drunk & wake up ill, it’s also quite dangerous since you loose measure & could “overdose”.

  6. “And then they fell.” So what is the tool for being isekai’ed this time? Not an uncovered sewer manhole, because it was two of them, walking side by side. No manhole is wide enough.

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