Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 24


Orne put it on with glee.


“You try this one.”


Puel was given a yellow pouch. The two of them flew around and adjusted the pouch to the front and back. Eventually, they came back down with satisfied expressions.


“It’s good that our hands can be free for small luggage.”

“Now I can carry Maki and Chiharu while carrying something else.”


Hey! We’re Norfe and Chouze! Chiharu frantically signaled to them. The birdfolk looked surprised for a moment. Hmph.


“Old man, I’ll take this.”

“Really! This one happens to be an original of mine. I hope that you’ll tell the others about it.”



Maki and Chiharu could already imagine the bird people flocking to this store.


“How many do you have in stock?”

“After selling two to the bird people, and another two if you buy these, there should be four left.”

“You might want to make some more in a hurry. The bird people are really sensitive to trends. I think.”

“Really? These weren’t selling at all until today.”

“I think they’ll be bragging about these to the others a lot in just one day…”

“I, I see. The bag itself is ordinary, so I just have to mass produce the belts…”

“I’m sure people will be imitating it soon, so you should sell as many as you can.”

“Thank you, young lady.”


And then from the remaining pouches, they asked him to reserve a red one and a green one, and to give them to Sauro and Saikania when they came. After all, they were guaranteed to come.


He also gave them some advice about the merpeople scales, saying that they could be sold at a high price at the capital. Scales that have not been processed were quite rare, and they were in high demand by craftsmen. They would sell for an even higher price in the elf country. And so they would have to visit this capital soon.


At the same time, in Arthur’s country of Midland, there was one person who was preparing to go on a journey as the guests started to leave.


“Aeris, wait!”

“No, I will not.”

“What use will it do, for you to leave? We do not even know where in the dwarven territories Maki and Chiharu are.”

“No, the birdfolk definitely know.”

“But do you really think that Miragaia will tell you?”



The birdfolk and elves were rivals in a way when it concerned the Saintesses.


“And people will recognize you.”


Aeris was about to refute Arthur. But he really was much too famous. Not only had he lived for many years, but while elves were supposed to die with blonde hair, he had lived past 300 and his hair had turned to silver. Still, he had maintained his youthful appearance. And what’s more, he had helped create new things, such as the airship and become well known in just about any country as the White Philosopher.


“I will use a disguise.”

“Aeris. What if we find her first, you will not be able to meet with them if you are off on your own.”

“But I am worried…”


Aeris clenched his fists. Chiharu. Maki too. Perhaps they had endured something else and were now crying. What if they had encountered trouble in an unknown land. He could not just stay here and do nothing.


“Oh, well. I had wanted to keep this quiet for just a little longer.”


“I had a feeling that they would do this, and I had assigned guards to protect them, a while ago. I believe they should be with them right now. So I wouldn’t worry. Aeris, I would be much more concerned about you than Maki and Chiharu.”

“Grudo, you knew about this? And you said nothing?”

“I did not lie. All I am saying is that I considered the possibility that they would leave.”


Arthur massaged his temples.


“Aeris, we will have to send soldiers to the dungeons eventually, when the elves and dwarven territories request it. I will send you to go with them then, so please wait a little longer.”

“So the six months of absence really did take its toll.”

“There are apparently more monsters than ever before. They say that Adventurers are not enough to deal with them now.”


It could not be helped. Likely, they were all headed for the same place. Aeris could only pray that they would stay safe until then.

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  1. So the human and dwarf traveling with them already know they are the saintesses? But then why do they treat them like children? Or do they only know that they have to protect them?

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