Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 25

The Water is Great

The capital of Greige was closer to the beast country than Garonce, and far away from Gromble. But they did not have a specific destination, to begin with, and there was more meaning in purifying places that were well populated.


That was what Maki and Chiharu told themselves, but deep down, they wanted to go to the capital in order to eat meat and snacks while selling off their mermaid scales. The incredibly suspicious mystery man had straight up disappeared in Garonce, much to their surprise. However, as if in exchange, they could always see a bird person hiding nearby since that afternoon, of course, with a pouch around their waist. And the two felt conflicted.


Furthermore, they had somehow found themselves traveling with Kaider and Nyran again. Every area was purified of miasma when they stayed, but there was no end to it either, so they decided to only stay one day in each place before moving again.


And there was no guarantee that their wigs wouldn’t move.


“It’s so annoying having to avoid people’s gaze. Because you don’t want them to notice the color of your eyes.”

“Yeah, you just have to insist that its brown.”

“You have it easy, Chiharu. You can play the useless little sister and people don’t talk to you so much. But when it comes to me…”

“Kaider, right? He really likes to talk to you, Maki.”

“If you only knew half of it.”

“I’m enjoying myself thanks to your sacrifice.”
“Now, now. We will be going to the hot spring town of Corail tomorrow. And you know what that means, don’t you?”
“Hehe. I’ve stocked up already. And we will finally be able to wash our hair.”

Well, one was hardly going to get drunk enough to pass out with apple wine. But Chiharu was still worried about something.

“There is a problem though.”
“Won’t we be in separate baths?”
“Oh, right.”
“It would be fine if we were alone, but knowing Kaider, he might say that you should go with them.
“No. No way.”

Maki shivered.



Chiharu had been looking at Maki in lazy amusement then, but now she looked worried.
“Norfe can come with us. Chouze, we will stand guard by the entrance, so wash up in a hurry and come back out.”

“What? What the? We won’t be able to relax at all.”

Maki grumbled.

“You’re a man, aren’t you? Wash up, take a dip and be done with it.”

Kaider said dispassionately.

“Are you serious? It’s a hot spring. You take your time soaking in it, get out once to cool off, and then soak and relax in it again.”

Maki said with exasperation.


“Well, the boy is right. Hot springs are meant to be enjoyed leisurely.”


The innkeeper offered.


“Also, I have a scar on my back, so I don’t want to go in with anyone.”


This was an excuse that they had come up with together.


“Do you think us Adventurers are not covered with scars? A man shouldn’t care about that.”

“That’s not what I mean. And I am not such an old man to be able to see it like that.”


“Kaider, how old are you?”

“I am only 120!!”
“And Nyran?”


“See? I’m grateful that you want to guard my sister, but not if you’re going to rush her. She won’t be able to relax.”


Kaider looked towards Chiharu with a sad expression.


“I would like to take my time in there.”


His shoulders slumped.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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  1. I appreciate their desire to explore and be independent, while at the same time I think they aren’t being too smart. They are currently in a world that is completely different from their own, with no support network or way to even get in touch with each other if they get separated. They don’t know the basic rules of this world to navigate safely. It would make more sense if they had explored slowly and learned before striking out on their own, or if they accepted a guide. Currently they ended up with unwitting guides that aren’t aware of how ignorant they are, and silent guards that are keeping a distance. Yet they still resent them…a smart person would accept they need a bit of experience and protection at the moment.

    Thanks for translating!

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