Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 36




Maki began. Chiharu also sat up straight and looked at him.


“We’re sorry.”

“We’re sorry.”

“Yes. Everyone was so worried about you two.”


The two of them looked like they were going to cry.


“Why did you leave the castle without saying anything? If you told us, we could have helped you enter the dwarf country in disguise.”

“We couldn’t tell you. And you say disguise, but we would have still had guards around us, wouldn’t we? Besides, Arthur, Aeris, Grudo and Zynis all have their own important roles. Even you Edwy. You had enough to worry about in dealing with the other countries.”

“I was so busy then. If I had even a little free time, I went with you two to the town. It was just so fun. But I never stopped to think about how you two felt.”


And that was why he couldn’t stop the inlanders from saying such things. Edwy remembered this and clenched his fist.


“Are you thinking about the inlanders?”


Chiharu asked quietly.


“I’m sorry. I’m sure that was the main reason why you wanted to leave.”


Maki shook her head and laughed.


“Yes, it annoyed us a little. But it’s really nothing. We had decided way before that.”

“Way before that?”

“We’ve always worked for entire days and made a living for ourselves. It was hard being taken care of so well just because we were Saintesses.”


“It might be hard for you to understand, Edwy. But hard work and the struggle to live can be very rewarding if it is a decision that you made on your own. But as a prince, you are not free with how you can work.”


Edwy felt a little hurt by this. He had not been born a prince as a choice. He didn’t like that she said he wouldn’t be able to understand them because he didn’t know what it was like to be free.


However, Maki and Chiharu had not wanted to be Saintesses either. Perhaps that was something that he needed to understand.


“I do not want to be treated as a prince or eat fine meals with the mayor. However, it was still my decision to remain a prince. Is that it?”

“As Saintesses, we will purify the miasma. But we wanted freedom in our actions until then. No. That’s just me trying to sound cool. We really just wanted to run away from it all.”


Maki said with a sad smile.


“And Chiharu just got pulled along with me.”

“We decided on this together, Maki-chan.”


The two of them looked at each other and laughed. Right now, their boy clothes seemed to suit them.


“Hey, Edwy. You should come back soon.”

“Apparently, we’re not sufficient company.”


It was Kaider and Nyran. Maki and Chiharu looked stunned and quickly faced the ground.


“Ah, you are playing with the other children then. How nice.”


Edwy looked very annoyed at Kaider’s remark. But he then grabbed Maki’s shoulder and answered.


“Yes, I’m happier with friends close to my own age. You two can deal with the adults.”


Kaider, Nyran. It’s because you two always run away that I end having to talk to them. Edwy thought.


“It’s too much trouble. I prefer to be swinging my sword.”


Kaider scratched his head. It was no use. Edwy sighed and was just about to stand up.


“Edwy would also prefer to swing his sword or fly with bird people.”

“Who are you?”


Chiharu stood up and shouted at Kaider.


“It doesn’t matter if you find it troublesome. You should do it. Edwy is still a child, isn’t he? How can an adult like you push your work onto a kid?”

“What! This has nothing to do with you.”

“I’m the one who is now enjoying being with my friend. It does have something to do with me. If you want to call him a child, let him be free during the night, at least. Edwy, let’s go. Sauro’s waiting.”

“Ah, uh, sorry. I’ll show up later.”


Edwy said, and the three of them left. They looked very small from the back. And since it was night, the fact that they could not see colors sometimes made the truth more visible.


“Norfe? Chouze?”


Nyran muttered. But neither of the two children stopped. Kaider said lazily.


“I made the little ones angry. Oh, well. I guess we better go then.”

“Hey, you should stop treating Edwy like a child. Humans are adults at 18.”

“You did it too.”


Nyran turned around again and watched the three as they left. Maybe he had only seen what he wanted. Well, it was time to go back to work.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! Seeing these two having a romp around is a great time, especially since they do their ‘job’ as Saintesses by existing and that’s it

  2. Thank you for the chapter ^(o≧∀≦)o
    I really want to see someone who falls for Maki in the future 😳 Nyran and Beast-san (i forget the name) are potential love interest in my opinion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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