Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 37


Sauro continued to mutter.


“I tried to search for you!”

“Aeris, thank you.”


They said. And Aeris hugged them tightly again.


“Now, let’s return to the mansion.”

“Huh? We’re not returning. I just wanted to tell you that we’re safe.”

“What! But where are you going?”

“To the tent that we were given as cooks.”

“That’s too dangerous.”

“It’s not dangerous at all.”

“How can you sleep in such a place?”

“We slept just fine?”


These two!


“Maki and Chiharu. You two don’t possibly mean to go all the way to Gromble while looking like…”

“We are.”

“We are.”



Aeris was in shock.


“People would just be confused if we came out at this point.”

“The mayor especially.”

“Ah, I’m relieved now that we’ve been found out. Now I won’t feel anymore guilt!”


The two of them smiled gleefully. And so Aeris gave in.


“Everyone thinks they are boys. They should be fine, Aeris.”

“Saruo. It must be nice to always be so carefree.”


Aeris said with a sigh. Still, he was relieved that the problem that had been worrying him for half a month had been resolved.


“Then I will sleep in the tent too.”

“That will draw too much attention! The White Philosopher in a tent!”

“And in the Saintesses’ tent.”

“We’re disguised!”

“Then I will also wear a blonde wig.”

“You’re still the only elf here. They’ll recognize you!”

“Then what do you want me to do!”

“Go back to the mansion!”

“Go back to the mansion!”

“Maki, Chiharu…”


Don’t look so sad…



“Huh, Maki? What is?”

“You can carry Chiharu for a while. That should tide you over until tomorrow.”


“Hmm. In that case…”



Aeris sat on the stairs and placed Chiharu on his lap. Then he rested his chin on her head.


“Hmmm. I like the way you think, Maki. This is good.”

“Maki-chan! Aeris!”

“Think of it as a penalty for worrying him!”


But you did the same thing, Maki.


“Then Maki can be with me.”

“But we always fly together!”



Chiharu laughed at them arguing. Then she realized how warm his hand was and how warm her back felt against him. It wasn’t so much a penalty as a reward.

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  1. Thanks so much for the translation qwq
    Also I want more Maki action >:U I now they are both the mc, but like, I think Maki is better >:/
    Shes also in the front of most of the covers I see for this lol, thats why I thought she was the main mc at first.

  2. It’s not as bad when I can see him in the manga but… I really can’t help but view Aeris as more of a doting grandfather than an actual love interest. Dude’s up there even by elven standards, isn’t he? Dwarf prince says he’s “only” 120 and I’d assume he’s similar to the 25 year old prince in stage-of-life, so going by that logic this 300 year old elf guy would be in his.. What, late 50’s? If we’re generous and say elves live longer than dwarves by a couple centuries he’d still be in his late thirties at the youngest.
    Seeing how youthful he looks in the manga makes it less weird but that isn’t a thing with the novel.

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