Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 42


“You two! You are no longer in disguise! You cannot…”

“Huh? But our feet weren’t even showing.”

“They were! Like…from the side…”


Edwy turned to the side. His face was bright red. He could not quite tell them how the breast pocket was pressed up a little, or how the wide neck showed most of their shoulders, or how the thin material left little to the imagination.


“Re-really? Sorry.”

“No, no…”


Edwy would probably faint if he ever came to Japan. Maki and Chiharu thought as they looked at him. Behind them, Aeris was wiping their hair with a towel and a very pleased expression on his face. Kaider looked at Edwy and said,


“Bah, it is quite fine. They are not even showing that much.”

“You’re the worst.”


Chiharu blurted through narrowed eyes.


“I knew it.”


Nyran said with a laugh.


“It is Chouze.”



Chiharu replied honestly. This seemed to surprise one of them.


“Huh? Chouze? Where is Norfe?”



The room fell silent.


Maki stood up as she was rolled in sheets. Chiharu stood up as well.



“Thank you for taking us from Noir to Greige. It helped us a lot.”

“Thank you.”


They bowed.


“You two. What? The hair…those women? Norfe?”


Kaider was very confused. Nyran was rolling his eyes. Aeris took a step forward and coughed.


“Kaider. Nyran. They may be rolled up in sheets now, but they are in fact, this generation’s saintesses. Maki and Chiharu. Thank you for helping them in Noir.”


He didn’t have to introduce them as rolls. They introduced themselves with a little indignation.


“I am Maki. I am twenty-five years old and work as a Saintess.”

“I’m Chiharu. I’m twenty-five and also work as a Saintess.”

“My hobby is wearing disguises.”

“My hobby is getting abducted.”





What? That? Chiharu thought. Edwy was shocked. Nyran just laughed. Kaider was so confused as Grudo forced him to sit on the couch. So much had happened already, but now Maki and Chiharu felt very tired.


“Now, you two should sleep in my bed tonight. You can listen to us talk as you sleep.”


Aeris said gently. And so the two of them headed for the bed.


“I’ve never seen Norfe not talk back before.”


Kaider said with surprise as he watched Maki go. That shiny black hair. The white neck that peeked from over the sheets. That angle when she turned to look back.


“The woman at the hotspring…”

“You’re the worst.”

“You’re stupid.”


Kaider fell silent.

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