10 Years After – 108


“It’s nice to be able to stretch to your heart’s content.”

“I’m glad that you approve.”


Then Goran lazily said,


“Lord Danton, are you not going to have Nia apprentice for Locke?”

“Of course, I would be most relieved if such an arrangement could be made. But I’m sure it would be too much trouble for Locke.”


If she was my apprentice, I would be like a substitute parent. You were both guardian and guarantor.

It was understandable that Danton would hesitate.


“No, it would not be too much trouble for me. I already have Luchila and Milka here, anyway.”

“If it really wouldn’t bother you, then I would like it if Nia could apprentice for you.”

“I do not mind at all. In fact, I welcome the idea.”
“Thank you.”


Danton said with a bow.


“However, is that what she wants?”

“I will ask her. But I don’t think you need to worry about it.”

“What makes you say that?”

“We beastkin wolves have a tremendous respect for those who are strong. And you Mister Locke, are clearly strong.”

“I see. So that’s how it is.”

“I respect the strong as well.”


Goran said with a nod.


We finished our bath after that.

Grulf was waiting right outside.



He started to sniff at me.


“What is it? Can you smell something?”


Then he started to lick my hand.


After that, we went to the drawing room with Grulf.

And the three of us drank wine.

As we drank, I asked Danton a question.


“Lord Danton, is there anyone in your family who has started to work for the king?”


Employment at the palace had been one of the many rewards that Eric had bestowed on them.

Besides, having many beastkin at the palace would help them ward off the vampires.


“Three of the sharpest in our tribe have been sent to work under the king.”

“That’s wonderful.”

“Locke. I heard that you killed another High Lord.”

“Where did you hear that?”

“There are meetings between the beastkin chiefs and His Majesty. It is there that we share information about the vampires. His Majesty told me about it there.”

“I see.”


The beastkin wolves were professional vampire hunters.

They gathered information about them every day, and they hunted them every day.

And so it was a great advantage to the king to be able to share information with them.


“It is incredible that you were able to do it by yourself.”

Danton said with a nod.

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