10 Years After – 127


“Do you know her?”


He said. Then he pulled back the hood of the unconscious girl.

She had large horns.

But I had no idea who she was.


“…I don’t know her.”

“I see…”


His shoulders slumped with disappointment.


“I am terribly sorry to have disturbed you.”

He said as he forced the girl to her feet.




Her mind was still hazy it seemed.

She would probably be sent to the authorities now.


“Well, wait a minute.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“How much was it?”

“30,000 rucks.”


“Yes. She ate a great deal.”


That was an understatement.


“Alright. I shall pay.”

“What? Do you mean it?”

“She did come all this way here. And even if I don’t know her, it’s possible that we are connected somehow.”

“Thank you very much. That makes things much easier.”


I paid him the 30,000 rucks and he bowed repeatedly before going on his way.

I picked the girl up.



She was still not fully conscious.


“Was the defense magic too strong?”

“But it won’t have much meaning if it’s any weaker, will it?”

Philly said. She was right.


“She has horns on her head. Perhaps she is a demon like me?”

“You might be right.”


Just as I said this, I felt something move near her bottom.

There was a very large tail.

It was thicker and longer than Shia and Nia’s tails. If anything, it was larger than her legs.


“Th-that is a great tail.”

“Do people of your tribe ever have tails…?”

“I don’t think so.”


Luchila shook his head.

Grulf sniffed at her and then whimpered.


“Grulf? What is it?”



Apparently, Grulf had an idea. Or so it seemed.

Nia saw this and began to sniff at the girl as well.


“This smell…”


Just as Nia was about to say something, the girl opened her eyes.



She jumped up.


“Locke! It is you, Locke! So you are the owner of this house after all?”

“I am.”

“I followed your scent, presence and traces of magical energy. What a relief that I found you.”

“I see. Well, enough of that. Who are you?”

“What? Have you forgotten me already?”


This appeared to cause a great shock to the girl.


“Uh, no. I don’t believe we’ve met before.”

“But we only just met during the day! It is I! Kathe!”

“Huh? You’re Kathe?”


“She does have Kathe’s odor.”


Nia said.

Well, odors didn’t lie.


“I see. You’re Kathe.”

“Gahahahaha! You finally understand.”


Kathe said with a smug, very pleased face.

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  1. We don’t know if she is a loli because only “the girl” is used so yea. We know that Kathe is old but how old in terms of dragons? I will assume that she is a younger dragon because another assumption about this form is that it is not perfect. Only time will tell.

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