10 Years After – 133


“So they survived the fire!”


Eric sounded very happy.

Maybe these vampires had been strengthened by the Evil God.


“Don’t underestimate them, even if they are just Lords!”

“I know!”


Eric and Goran swung their weapons, not holding back even a little.

Given their number, each of us had to take down two of them.

Still, Eric and Goran were doing very well.


And so I fought with the Devil King Sword.

When in a party, my main role as a Sorcerer was defense.

Especially when indoors.

There weren’t many opportunities to burn all opponents to the ground with overwhelming firepower.

You had to control it carefully.

But given the circumstances, it was much better to leave it to Eric and Goran.


“I, I…”

“Kathe, watch our backs.”

“I know that!”


Like Sorcerers, Kathe was not able to live up to her full potential while indoors.

Her attacks were too strong and had too much range.


As I traded blows with one of the Vampire High Lords, his eyes began to flash.

It was Charm, a skill that vampires were very good at.

The other five vampires’ eyes flashed as well.

They were pooling their power together to enhance the effect.


“Six or not, don’t think such a cheap trick could ever work on us!”

“Hmph. As if Charm would have any effect!”

“Hah, you almost made me dizzy for a second!”


Eric seemed quite fine. But Goran had me sweating for a moment.

He was probably joking, but I wished he wouldn’t do that.


“Goran, hold yourself together!”

“No, I’m fine. Don’t worry.”


While he was high in level, Goran was a Warrior. He had the lowest magic defense out of us three.

Even then, the power of five High Lords doing Charm together should not affect him.

Still, there was always a one in a thousandth chance.


“Maybe we should have brought an item to raise magic defense.”


I muttered as we fought. That’s when it happened.




A blast of wind breath hit us.

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    • well its probably the evil dragons…
      no matter how dumb is kathe, she probably never shot her breath to MC and his friend… well i hope…


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