10 Years After – 177


“Lo-Locke. And Philly… Can I see it? I mean…can I touch it?”

“Go ahead. It’s just a prototype.”


Kathe and Dorgo stared at it obsessively.

Next to them, we continued to talk about it.


“I think this part should be changed…”

“Yes. There is definitely room for improvement.”

There were things we learned from doing this for the first time.


Dorgo looked quite shocked as he inspected it.


“Why this is… This is of higher quality than what we make.”

“Surely, you exaggerate.”

“Not at all. I am very impressed with this. I did not know such a thing was possible.”

“It was very educational. Thank you.”


Dorgo and Kathe thanked us.

They were probably just flattering us, but it was nice to be praised by wind dragons who knew a lot about alchemy.


And so Philly and I returned to work.

It took another whole hour. But this time, I was very satisfied with what we had made.


It was a bracelet.

When you put it on, it used the flow of magic within your body to raise your mental resistance.


“No Vampire High Lord will be able to cast Charm on you if you wear this.”

“Hmm. Yes, I am quite happy with this.”


Serulis would be safe if she put this on.

As I thought this, Philly said,


“Now…  There was something I was thinking about while making it… If we simplified this part and replaced the materials with cheaper stuff…”

“We could mass-produce them?”

“Well, not that much. But perhaps we could make enough for a medium to large team of soldiers…?”


It would be weakened if you simplified it. But it would still be enough to stop a Lord’s Charm.

If we made more, we could give them to soldiers, knights and Adventurers.


Dorgo heard this and opened his mouth after thinking for a little while.

“In that case…”


He was the old king, who could do alchemy, after all.

He suggested a way we could make these while maintaining the quality as much as possible.


Kathe and Milka stood at the side and nodded.

Philly thought about and said,


“In that case, we will need much more mithril. And magic stones, if possible…”

“Alright. We’ll do something about that.”


If we could produce a lot of them, it would give us a great advantage in the battle against the dark ones.

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