10 Years After – 244


I now understood what kind of magic he used to exude the poisonous mist from his body.

But this was only something you could do if you were a high-ranking vampire.


‘I won’t be able to learn it.’

That being said, I didn’t need to learn to do it in order to deal with it.


‘It looks disgusting, so it’s probably better if you can’t use it.’


Eric said. Then he raised his holy sword and charged towards the man head-on.

He was moving like this in order to draw his attention.

As Goran understood this, he moved more subtly as he went around to the man’s side.


As the party Sorcerer, I had to support Eric and Goran.

And so I shot Magic Lances at the man.

One or two wouldn’t even register as a distraction. And so I created 70 Magic Lances and launched them all at once. 

I continued to make more after that, and shot them into the man.


It was clear by his expression that he had lost his cool. He started to frantically bring up magic barriers.

Then my Magic Lances hit them, and the man screamed.



The magic barriers shattered, and he quickly put up more.

His speed was quite incredible.


The sounds of barriers shattering echoed in the room.


As the man continued to work desperately, Eric charged at him.

Eric paid my Magic Lances no mind. It was as if they weren’t even there.

This was because he was confident that they wouldn’t hit him. 

He believed that I would deal with it.

And so to meet his expectations, I adjusted their trajectory so they wouldn’t hit him.


“That’s it, Locke!”


Eric said happily as he closed in on the man and slashed with his sword.

Eric’s holy swords easily cut through the man’s barriers.



In order to protect himself, he made even more barriers. But these were thinner than before.

It was a great opportunity. And so I slammed another volley of Magic Lances at him.

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    • There are actually about 5 chapters left, but the author has put the series on pause for the past 6 months. So I’ll start translating again when new chapters come out regularly again.

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