10 Years After – 244

Fighting the Strong-looking Vampire


Well, maybe ‘jumping’ back is too generous. As it was more like being blown away.

In order to maintain my posture, I had to fly backward and allow the impact to escape.

It had been a while since I fought someone this strong. I felt my blood growing hot.


At the same time that the man moved towards me, the other five moved as well.

Shia, Serulis, and Grulf rushed passed him.

And then the man moved so that Eric, Goran, Kathe and Shia’s attacks would not reach him.


He had likely decided that he would be at a great disadvantage if we all attacked him at once.

And so he flew back in order to create some distance between us.

At the same time, he swung his sword towards Shia and Serulis, who were also headed to the back.


Perhaps he was thinking about getting rid of the weaker ones first.

I had sent Shia, Serulis, and Grulf on ahead in order to save the humans.

And so I couldn’t allow the man to attack them.

I sent magic throughout my body, strengthening it as I rushed forward.


“It’s rude to get distracted during a fight, you bastard slug!”



My Devil King Sword struck at him three times, and he blocked each attack without breaking a sweat.

I had put so much power into each swing, and yet it wasn’t enough.


‘Leave him to us. Continue on with the mission!’

Goran shouted to Shia and Serulis through Telepathy.

Thanks to this, Serulis, who had frozen for a second, began to run again.

The man watched them run away and said,


“What are you planning? Foolish human…”

He was probably going to say such plans wouldn’t work on him. But he didn’t get to finish. This was because Goran had attacked.



“Didn’t Locke just tell you that it’s rude to look away?”

Goran’s attacks were sharp and strong. It quickly forced the enemy to fight defensively.

And Goran’s momentum did not end. Eventually, the man was not able to defend against every blow. His sword fell out of his hand and he broke his posture.


And then, at that moment where Goran was about to deal the final blow…

“You arrogant human!”

The man shouted. And then a poisonous mist flowed from his body.


The poison mist seemed very strong. Perhaps it would kill you if you breathed it in even once.

But even if you held your breath, it would enter through your eyes or nose. With enough time, it would slow down your movements.


Goran detected this instinctively and quickly flew back.


“Damn, you stink. You should take a bath!”

“Silence! You scum!”

The man shouted as he tried to attack Goran. But…


Kathe roared and unleashed her wind breath, which slammed into the man.

He was blown all the way to the wall. And most of the poison escaped out of the room from the giant broken windows.


Eric spoke through Telepathy.

‘Poisonous mist, huh. Dangerous.’

‘Yeah. But now we know he can do it. I’ll deal with it next time.’

‘I see. Then we’ll let you take care of it, Locke.’


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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