Prison Dungeon and the Exiled Hero – Prologue 1

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Gideon was arrested and put on trial for the mass possession of illegal drugs. The trial was to be held in a Colosseum located in the capital of the Kingdom of Fores.


Unlike a normal trial, those who have committed the most severe of crimes would be judged in front of the population in this way. It was to make an example of them and to ensure that such a crime would never be committed again.


“It would be best for you to admit to your crimes, Gideon Aglewalk. Now, I will ask one more time. What did you intend to do with that amount of illegal drugs that you were carrying?”


The Inquisitor in black asked Gideon in a stern voice.


“It is obvious. It was to bring equality to this country. It was to destroy this putrid establishment that you inept lot have dominated. I needed money and servants to accomplish this. The drugs would have solved both of those problems.”

“So you are admitting to the subversion of the state?”



Gideon nodded and the spectators gasped. From among the crowd shocked voices could be heard saying, ‘That boy…?’ and ‘How horrible!’


Gideon had only reached his eighteenth birthday the previous day, making him an adult in this country. And while his manner may have been mature, his face still had remnants of the boy he had been.


For someone like him, who most of the world would see as a green youth, he needed a most shocking crime to be thrown into ‘prison.’ Additionally, according to his prior research, the man who would be passing the sentence was a certain Judge Peter, who prided himself in being lenient and kind-hearted.


And so today, Gideon must become evil itself, he must be put into the heaviest of shackles. For this day alone, Gideon had prepared thoroughly for the questioning.


“When I was a child, I sold things. It made some money, but I was only in a position to be used by others. I needed to be in a position to use them. And so it was necessary for me to build an empire. An empire where I would sit at the top. And the law that would rule it would be drugs.”

“You are the lowest of vile scum. There is no need for you to speak any further.”


The inquisitor said in a voice filled with contempt, before moving his eyes towards a man who stood at the witness stand.


The monocle-wearing man was a teacher who had once taught Gideon about potions and was one the most highly respected wizards in the country. He was well into old age, with many white hairs mixed in his hair.


His name was Matelito Michronomica.


He was the man Gideon respected the most in this world. In these past eight years, Gideon had faced many difficult obstacles, and his teacher had always shown him the way.


“Master Michronomica. What are your views on these matters? It is quite evident that Aglewalk has misused knowledge of potions that you’ve instilled in him.”

“…Indeed. Had I strictly monitored him as a master should, then this whole affair might have been avoided.”

“This country owes an incredible debt to you. No, not just this country, but in all of the world, people would not hesitate to sing your praises. Recently, you have contributed greatly to the eradication of ‘treefolk disease’, which had plagued us for many years. For such a service, we would like to reward you as a country.”

“What are you saying?”

“Let me see, let us use a tree as an example. If a pure seed grows into an evil tree due to failures of the planter, and the fruit becomes evil, then the blame should be on the planter. But if that seed was evil to begin with…”


So saying, the Inquisitor shot a look at Gideon.

“Master Michronomica, we have no intention of judging you here. What was your relationship with Aglewalk?”

“Gideon was…no, Aglewalk was an avaricious student. There were times when he insisted that his ways were better than mine, and would not give in.”


Even as his master was facing the Inquisitor, Gideon knew he was telling a joke that only he would hear.

After all, Gideon’s stubborn attitude had resulted in the discovery of new medicines many times.


And now, he had stubbornly pushed passed his masters oppositions and was trying to enter the prison. So in a sense, he really was an ungrateful and bad student.


“So, you are saying that he was an uncontrollable apprentice to you?”

“You might say so. If we are speaking of talent, he far exceeded even me.”

“The issue has nothing to with his talent. The issue is his character. A student is meant to learn from their master, not to belittle them. It should never happen. Am I wrong?”

“…I can only say, that it depends on the situation.”


Prison Dungeon and the Exiled Hero

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