Jack of all Trades – 14

-Running Man, Running Woman-

What the hell were they doing here? Why were they surrounding the masked woman?

I tried to observe them cooly as I addressed them.

“What’s this? Why are you blocking her?”

“Eh? It’s none of your business. Get lost.”

“Unfortunately, for you, I just had dinner with her. I can’t just say, ‘alright’ and leave.”

Perhaps they meant to abduct her as some kind of trap? For instance, I would have to leave all my money and disappear or they would hurt her.

“Hey, Black Rabbit. Leave your money here and scram before you regret it. Who knows what might happen to this lady here if you don’t?”

Woah…template…I was speechless. What is this? Was there a script?

“Hey! Be quick about it!!”

“I’m not giving you anything, you stupid bastards! Let her go now and begone! Before I beat you to a pulp!”

“You little shit…you’re just the Black Rabbit…!”

The bastard leader had veins popping out near his sideburns as his hand went down to the sword at his waist. As if on cue, the rest of the men flashed vulgar smiles and unsheathed their own swords.

There was no turning back now. There was nothing left to do but fight. However, I would prefer it if no one died here tonight. There was something too pathetic about the thought of Russell escorting me to prison.

And so I kept my sword sheathed as I raised it. The leader of the gang saw me quickly wrap the sword belt around the handle and shouted.

“Black Rabbit!! Do you think you’re playing with us!?”

“I’m not playing. But the Chief gave me this sword…I won’t have it drinking such filth from you!!”

I held both swords in my hands now. The shortsword’s sheath was fixed with a button, so it took me no time to prepare. And then I ran. Of course, not at full speed. Not yet.


The gang leader swung his sword up high. I dropped my posture low, somersaulting just as the sword dropped, missing me. The sound of the blade crashing into the ground echoes behind me. In front were the followers who had made a wall to block the masked woman. I targeted the weakest looking of the bunch; charged at full speed and collided with a tackle.


There would not have been much weight behind the impact, but there would be a unique bite from the disproportionate AGI, surely. I hoped anyway. Having broken through the wall, I now stood in front of the masked woman and faced the others, sword ready.

“Are you alright?”

“Uh, yes. Are you?”

“For now, anyway. Can you run?”

I asked, stealing a quick glance behind me.

“Of course.”

“Then you should go to the guardhouse near the southern gate. I have a friend there. A captain named Russell. He should help you.”

“What about…you?”

“Me? Running is the one thing I’m good at.”

I said jokingly. She looked at me a little surprised at first but then started to laugh.

“You’re a funny one. Tell me your name. I’m Daniela.”

“I’m Asagi. Asagi Kamiyashiro.”

The masked woman, known as Daniela, nodded. Then she began to run in the other direction.

“You…you think you can just mock us…”

The leader passed through his gang to stand in front of me. He was in a real rage now. Even the men around him had beastly, shining eyes as they brandished their weapons. They clearly wanted nothing more than to kill me.

Which was blinding them of their surroundings. Such as the fact that this was a park.

“It’s too bad, but I have no intention of fighting you. I’m stuffed after eating. I want to get some rest!”

The town was paved with stone. But around the park was different. There was dirt around my feet and a lot of sand. And so I thrust my sword into the ground and shoveled the sand into the air.

“Ghaa…! Damn it!!”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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