The Reason why a Magical Pharmacist loves his Second Disciple – 3

In front of her stood Lord Brail, expressionless and with crossed arms. The young miss sat next to him with a worried expression. I was like a child who had been scolded by a parent.

I thought that I seen Lord Brail’s eyebrow twitch when he took a sip of the tea that I had made, but perhaps I was just seeing things.

Well then, it was time to talk.

“Now, as to the reason that I had you summoned here today.”

“Oh no, Syl. You’ll scare the poor girl if you say it like that.”

“…Girl, I order you to relax.”

It was not possible.

I felt as if my death would be announced at any moment.

No matter how strong my resolve had been, I was still frightened. I could only shake as I waited for him to continue.

“I thought that I would get a good look at your magic today.”

…I knew it.

Actually, I was surprised that he was able to casually talk about the fact that I could use magic in front of someone else.

I stole a glance at her. She gave me a calm and beautiful smile. Was she a goddess?

“Do not worry. I’ve told her everything about you.”

He did what! I was shocked at first, but then it dawned on me that it hardly mattered now.

After all, I was already captured by these nobles and would spend the rest of my days as material for their research. It would not change anything if another noble found out about me at this point.

Though, if I were to believe the contents of the letter, I would be promised a life that was at least equal to what I had had(but I would be barred from leaving the castle). And no experiments that would have a great effect on my body would be performed(though I may feel pain) etcetera.

I glared at Lord Brail with some hatred, but he ignored me and continued. Damn him.

“I saw your work with water the last time. How about fire?

Do it.”

Apparently, I was not allowed to refuse. Well, I was ready for this as soon as I decided to come here.

I created a small flame at the top of my finger just as he said. The flame was the same size as a candle’s.

By the way, it was not hot. The magician would not feel the heat of it until the fire had spread to separate object.

“Oh, you really can use magic!”

The lady laughed joyously. Why was she happy about me using magic?

As for Lord Brail, he smiled as his eyes thinned as if in deep thought. And then he began to scribble on a piece of paper.

“Uh, um…”

“On to the next. Can you create wind?”


Just like this, Lord Brail tested me with various kinds of magic, then recorded the results.

Can you change the temperature of water and wind? Can you create ice? How about soil? Can you raise the power of the flames?

But what purpose did all of this have?

“I’m amazed… You can use all four of the great magic types…”

“Who would have thought she could make such small adjustments without the unleashing of the magic core.”

I had never used so much magic at once in my life and was very tired now.

Seeing how worn out I was, Lord Brail finally announced the end of the session as he continued to mumble over his notes.

He seemed to be enjoying this.

“So, what is to become of me now?”

“Yes, about that.”

As Lord Brail refused to acknowledge my question, the young lady opened her mouth instead.

“There was an incident involving an explosion in the castle a little while ago. And a part of the magic laboratory was destroyed.”

How dreadful.

But what did that have to do with me? I did not see the relation.

“And the culprit that caused the explosion was this man. Sylvester Brail.”


“It is quite possible for such things to happen once in a while when researching medicine. But it’s very rare. It wouldn’t happen if one was very careful. But as this incident destroyed a building, well, there had to be a punishment.”



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