Jack of all Trades – 70

What Happened with the Mines

Now, while it was was fun and all and we hit off as friends, we still stood in very different positions.


I was an Adventurer. He was a Hero.


I dared not get too casual with this venerable Hero. People would think it strange. But we were both from Japan. He was the only person that I had met in this world that was from there. Of course, there would be a lot that we wanted to talk about. It would be convenient to exchange contact information here, but such things did not exist in this world.

And so it became custom for the past three days for us to eat breakfast together in the Silver Sky restaurant.


“Morning, Sir Hero.”

“Ah, I told you to stop it with that. It’s very awkward.”


As an adult, I didn’t mind keeping things formal, but he preferred much more light-hearted conversation. Well, perhaps there was no point in caring about that while we ate at the restaurant or took baths. There was no such thing as status when you were off the job.


“So, you came all the way here to investigate the mines that we went down?”

“That’s just it. They were all kinds of rumors floating around in the royal capital. And so the king ordered me to take a look.”

“Hmm… There is a king, huh…”

“An old man with a beard. Looks like Santa Claus.”

“I’d love to see him.”


Breakfast was the usual set of bacon, eggs, and toast. Also fruits. We talked together as we washed the food down with milk. Of course, Matsumoto’s harem was in tow, which made quite the crowd. Daniela seemed to be entertained enough talking among them. That in itself was was very shocking, given that she was communicatively impaired.


“Aye, Asagi is rather quick during the night.”

“Ohh. And how do you feel about that?”

“It was not very satisfying at first, but he seems to have gained some stamina recently. And with successive matches, I have no complaints. Besides, in spite of appearances, his ability to continue fighting is something to behold.”

“That is crazy. Yasushi lasts pretty long, but is never up for successive sessions…”


Us guys stood up together to get a second serving of breakfast.


□ □ □ □


And such was the reason that we were now in front of the abandoned mines. There was nothing I wanted to see here, so it was the most boring excursion. But I had little choice, as the guild had elected me as a guide. Well, I did agree to it, as I would be getting paid. In truth, I wanted to talk with Daniela so we could choose our next destination… Ah, this was a job after all. As a responsible adult, I had to work to make a living. I was just a cog in the machine called society.


“Ah, it’s so dark in here. ‘Light.’”


Matsumoto conjured a blinding light from the tip of his finger. Uh, what the hell is that?


“Light magic. It’s my specialty.”


Woah, this Hero. I was starting to feel very inadequate. My magic was only good for serving people cold drinks.


“No, no, Mr. Kamiyashiro. I just happened to be able to use it. There is no need to feel so depressed!”

“That is right. Asagi, you are much more impressive than him. So have some confidence in yourself.”



Ahh, my beloved girlfriend. She was the only one who was always on my side. She was much more important than that blinding drugstore over there.

Thanks to Drugstore’s light magic, our vision this time was much improved, making it easier to navigate. And as we went down the hole that Daniela had made with magic, we were able to descend quite deep. And from there we descended even further. It was a member of Matsumoto’s harem who opened the new hole. She was apparently a dwarf. Not that I even asked. But Matsumoto thought it was important to boast about it anyway.


“Yasushi saved us when the mines we were living in collapsed during a monster attack! I remember it even now… That heroic back in front of me as he intercepted the falling club of the cyclops with his sword… Ohhh, that is when I fell desperately in love with him!”


Could someone bring over some salt and shove it down my throat? I felt like I wanted to drown in it. Whenever a member of his harem would do something, the Matsumoto Narcissism Theater would raise its curtains. I was sure that this journey was more tiring than the original one. It was almost impressive…


“Ahahaha…ah, sorry…”


I jabbed him in the side as a little revenge for his ceaseless smiling, and we continued our trek to the bottom.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. “Could someone bring over some salt and shove it down my throat?”


  2. lol hearing your girlfriend talk about night activities with other girls in front of you with your buddy and comparing …. damn Hero-kun and Adventurer-kun might just become best of friends.

  3. One’s an assault rifle and the other’s a musket (Don’t think too hard about the comparisons or else you’ll just make it all fall apart).

    • Challenge accepted. Assault Rifle is pretty explanatory, but musket, huh. Do you mean it takes a long time for him to “unload” the bullet yet it still packs a punch? And considering both are rifles, you mean they both have long girth? That’s quite a good comparison, actually.

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