Jack of all Trades – 70


We killed any remaining kobolds and hole moles we encountered on the way, which was nice, as it meant extra money. Well, we had already decided to split it with the Hero, so we would only get half of it.

And as expected, nothing unusual happened. There were no new abnormally mutated monsters or changes with the dragon vein. It was just a very deep hole.


“…So, yeah. That’s about it. And this is where we killed that assault kobold monster.”

“I see…”


Matsumoto folded his arm and scanned the dome. Then his eyes stopped at a certain point.


“Kamiyashiro. Where does that lead to?”


Yes, it was the hole that the Assault Kobold had appeared from. Where the especially large dimension stones lay.


“That hole is just a dead end.”

“And is there anything at this dead end?”


He really was a Hero. Did great abilities come with intuition?


“There is a certain something. I’ll take you to it if you can keep it to yourself.”

“Lead on then.”


His eyes were very serious as he looked at me. It was the kind of eyes that suggested that he had been through much worse scenes of battle than I had ever been in. I thought I could trust him. I looked at Daniela, and she nodded. And so we decided to show it to him. Well, it was just a straight path. And a four to five-minute walk.


Just as before, bluish purple specks floated up from the floor and vanished into the ceiling. And in the wall ahead was buried the dimension stones. Hmm, they looked just as undisturbed as we had left them. Matsumoto looked at them with a stunned expression.


“This is…is amazing.”



I hadn’t exactly done anything, but I looked smug regardless. Yeah, it felt good.


“I discussed it with Daniela, and as it could be dangerous, we decided to leave it alone and keep it a secret.”

“Indeed, underestimating the power of a dimension stone could have painful consequences… You were right with that decision.”


Even he felt that they were dangerous. I didn’t dare tell him that I had actually first considered using them to teleport out of here. Not even a word could be whispered about it. I had to consider my position as the senior one here.


“Do you have the power to use this somehow, Matsumoto?”

“I don’t know…I can sense that the dragon veins here are thick with dimension magic, but as it is so solid…I honestly don’t think I can.”

“Would there be someone in the royal capital who could?”

“There are intermediaries. However, they are not allowed to leave the castle. As they are court magicians.”


Court magicians. They were usually the strongest ones in novels. I guess they wouldn’t be allowed to leave so easily. They were too valuable for defenses.


“I suppose it would be best to leave them here.”

“As much as it pains me, yes. But I bet you could make an incredible cheat weapon if you could make a sword out of it.”


Shredding space, attacks that go beyond space, the possibilities seemed endless… But, it wasn’t something I wanted enough to risk my own safety. I had this assault kobold sword, and the ancient elf sword as well. I had no complaints.


And so the result of the investigation was that there was no problem. The dimension stone was curious, but it would not be included in his report. There was apparently nothing more dangerous than the power that affected space. But a few suggested that just leaving it there was not safe either, and so the harem dwarf generated a door made of steel right inside of the tunnel and sealed it. Was it magic? It was crazy.


After that, we returned to Spiris. The Hero would stay for the remainder of the week before returning to the capital.


“Well, we will be returning soon. It was great meeting you. I never thought I would have felt such relief by just knowing there was another person here from Japan.”

“Me too. After all, I just appeared here randomly after being stabbed and fainting… It was quite lonely, to be honest. Though, now I have Daniela here and couldn’t be better.”

“What? You were stabbed?”

“Uh, didn’t I tell you?”

“I never heard that!”


And so I told him my story, and another two days passed. And the Hero Matsumoto returned to the capital in a rush. The end.


“By the way, Asagi.”

“Mm? What?”

“They say that the Hero came from another world…”

“Yeah, it’s a well-known story in the capital apparently. Though, I hadn’t known about it.”

“Are you as well?”


She looked straight at me. Ah, so this was the time for me to unveil my biggest secret. Well, it was not surprising that this would come up given everything she knew. I thought in the corner of my mind as I opened my mouth.


“Yeah, I am. I’m not from here. I was transferred from another world.”

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