Shatei Kyokufuri – 29

Data.26 – Old Bowman, Trump Card

Now I didn’t have to worry about enemies going around to the sides.
Of course, the people who had returned were not enough to defeat all of our enemies, but they would be able to slow them down.

Ultimately, if we just continued to fight like this, we would be crushed by their overwhelming advantage in numbers.
The only way we could win was to force the enemy to retreat.
And in order to do that, I had to kill their chief, Buckler, no matter what.

The fastest of the enemy had already reached the Guardian Golems.
A few of them were destroyed, but there were still plenty of Cannon Golems and Rapid Golems left.
I wanted to defeat more players and use the points to make more golems, but you were unable to strengthen your fighting force with points once battles erupted around the fortress.
If you could, it would give the attackers too much of a disadvantage. So it couldn’t be helped.
In other words, it would be over when our current fighting force was gone.

“Clear Arrow!”

I used the invisible arrows to take down the scattered players one by one.
In this chaotic battlefield, there was no one who could dodge invisible arrows.
Clear Arrows were weak, and so they wouldn’t always take someone down in one hit. But that wasn’t a problem.
Being pierced by an arrow would mean they could not move as quickly, and so the AI controlled Golems would be able to deal with them easily.

And so I ignored those that survived, and targeted more healthy players.
With this strategy, I steadily chipped away at their fighting force.
I couldn’t even begin to defeat Buckler until I did something about the surrounding players first.

In the first place, he was someone who specialized in defense in order to protect those around him.
And so seeing his comrades drop like flies should make him frantic.
He was still just a dot in the distance. The people who he was supposed to protect were not nearby.
That meant his powerful defense skills were meaningless.
If I were in his shoes, I would want to join the others on the battleline as soon as possible.

Buckler felt the same.
And so he started to remove some of his heavy equipment in order to raise his speed.
This included his great shield, which was a rather strange piece of equipment for someone called Buckler.
And also, his thick armor which had defended him against damage from even ‘In Fight Arrow.’

In NSO, equipment was incredibly important.
My ‘Windcloud Bow’ added 100 Attack and 80 Range.
But a 3rd’s equipment could be adding as much as 200 to their stats.
And so taking them off would make him significantly weaker.
This was what I was waiting for…!

“All out rapid attack! In Fight Arrow!”

I continued to unleash the arrows.
Buckler had removed all of his armor, and was now just wearing his black inner garments.
This was just something players wore in order to keep the game’s rating down. It had no defense ability to speak of.
In other words, he may as well have been naked. How many arrows would it take to…

“I never would have guessed that your fighting force was so small, archer! And our reaction was delayed as a result! I feel bad for my comrades who died without understanding what is going on!”

Buckler thrust out his left hand.
There was a small, circular shield equipped.
It was…a real buckler.

However, he had already had a great shield equipped.
This event was like the battle royale and you could not bring any sub-equipment.
So you should only be able to use what you were wearing when it started…

“Could it be…that he had it from the beginning? Shields in both hands.”

Dual-wielding shields!?
The big armor and great shield had distracted me, and I hadn’t noticed.
Still, why did he need two shields…?
I could maybe understand two great shields, but surely that small buckler wasn’t going to do much for defense.

“Hexagon Shield!”

Multiple small, hexagonal shields appeared in the air around Buckler.
And the arrows I unleashed hit the shields.
And then the shields shattered with a satisfying sound.

“Grrr…! That’s right, I had forgotten. My shield type skills change in strength depending on my defense status! And so they shattered my shields so easily! Hahaha!”

But due to hitting the shields, their trajectory was altered.
A few of them just scratched Buckler’s body, and did very little damage.
It was no wonder that he was laughing.

“That being said, you’re quite a skilled archer. I’ll likely get hit by a deadly blow if I just stay here. It’s not really my style to go moving around, but I can’t stay here while the others are fighting. And so I will start moving!”

Buckler began to run.
So his equipment really did have an effect that was slowing him down. He was now running on very light feet.
However, it wasn’t like he had on any buffs or that his stats were great.
It was just that he was at minus zero earlier.
A wolf type monster was still faster than him.

“In Fi… Huh!?”

Buckler charged right into a Guardian Golem.
As the golem was so big, I could no longer see Buckler at all.
I see. So he was going to hide behind golems as he slowly got closer to me.
However, I have something for that. Bound Arrow…



The sound of an explosion rang behind me.
It was hard to believe, but the Golem had been blown away, and was now stuck in the wall of the fortress.
It was like something out of an old battle comic…

“Ah! I meant to hit you, but it looks like I missed! Well, I never really liked bothering with details like finding the precise angle!”

Where the hell did that power come from…
When you specialized in one status, you had to sacrifice the others.
And so since he specialized in defence, his attack shouldn’t be this strong.
I knew, because I was someone who put everything into range.

Buckler hit behind a different golem.
This time, I would use Bound Arrow and…



This time, the golem shot straight upwards.
While the golems were durable, they were incredibly heavy. And it was unable to withstand the fall damage and was destroyed.
And then Buckler moved to the next one.

I was so stunned that I wasn’t able to unleash Bound Arrow.
No, I would do it this time!

“Bound… Bound!?”

I see, he was making things ‘bound’ as well…!
The buckler that he had equipped on his left hand had a skill that flung things into the air.
And he was using it to blow the golems off of their feet.
And while this alone did not do much damage, crashing against walls and falling from the sky did.

Because he specialized in defense, his own attacks could not do much damage.
He could only do it through making them crash.
And even if they didn’t take damage, it would still be a very helpful ability, as he could push aways enemies from his party.

So this was the power of a large guild’s 3rd.
And the reason why he had two shields.

However, I now knew how he fought.
And the person who showed their trump card first would lose.
This long fight was about to come to an end.

“Charge Attack – Bow Shower!”

I used the charge attacks just as Buckler blew away the golem and showed himself.
You might be able to block some drops of rain from hitting you, but not all of them.
It was the same with this charge attack.

“Charge Attack – Stream Shield!”

A swirl of water appeared in front of Buckler.
The ferocious stream of water caught the arrows and sent them away.

“Rain is absorbed by the ground and flows away as a river! I knew you would try and use a charge attack now that the cool down time is up. We’re both specialized players. And I can tell that you’re troubled by your lack of attack ability.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“Right! Right! And so I was waiting for you to use it! Because you can’t do much damage to me with just your skills! Now I just need to kill you and deal with the other rabble. But I’ll try and leave the golems. They will be useful to us once we take over.”

“What!? Is that right? I-I didn’t know that you can use them… It would be terrible if we lost our golems after leveling them up so much…”

“Yes, yes. Quite terrible… Huh? Wh-why… What?”

Buckler’s body started to transform into glowing, white particles.
There was a single arrow deep in the left side of his chest.
It wasn’t an ordinary arrow.
The fletching looked like blue dragon wings, and the arrowhead was thin and as sharp as possible.

“Wh-what is this arrow…? When did it hit me…? I know that you can shoot invisible arrows… However, such skills are usually too weak. Even though I am not wearing armor, it should not be a lethal blow…”

The Windcloud set had a bonus effect.
This effect wasn’t just activated when you were wearing it, but it was like a ‘blessing’ bestowed on anyone who acquired it.
You just had to acquire the full set once, and then it could be activated regardless of what you were wearing.

The true proof of the Windcloud Trial was carved into your body.

“Charge Attack – Sky Tear.”

It was a high speed arrow that outran the wind and tore through the clouds…

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