Leggy Mimic – 2

Chapter 2 – Beautiful Legs

Something came out.
Mimic. Mimic. I prayed desperately, and then they just slithered out.
They were legs.
From the bottom of the treasure chest, human legs had grown. They were long and pale, and started at the joints of the thighs.
And as if to make the most of the opportunity, arms sprouted out from the sides as well. These started at the shoulder.

“Huh? Were mimics always like this?”

The Adventurers were confused by this sudden transformation.

“Monsters can differ in strength and actions based on their level. And there are also variations and sub-types, but this…”

The monk tilted his head.

“Hah! Hahaha! Now’s my chance!”

I could move while they were still stunned!
I used both arms to raise my body and stand up. Then I dashed!
Straight to the exit. There was a door, but it was fine. Conveniently, I had grown some hands. In other words, I could turn the door knob and…


In the next instance, my face smashed against the floor. Ah, well, it wasn’t a face. It was the front of a treasure chest.
I changed my point of view and saw what the reason was.
The sorcerer had swiped under my legs with her staff.

“I think that it’s trying to run away? Well, it’s so pitiful that even a sorcerer like me can deal with it.”

Shit. I have to get up and try again.
That’s what I thought. But the sorcerer was now standing in front of what was the only entrance to the room.
It was no use.
Status-wise, the sorcerer was probably the weakest of them, but I still didn’t think I had a chance.

“Hey. Do you think there are any special requirements when defeating this thing? Like having to destroy certain parts. You know, to get special items?”

The warrior approached me from behind.
And there was a sorcerer in front of me. The monk and thief were on the right and left. I was surrounded.

“There is a special requirement.”

The thief said. I didn’t believe my ears.
No way! There is? But even I didn’t know?

“Oh! Then tell me what it is!”
“Yes. But it’s a lot of trouble, if you ask me…”

Uh, really? How do I have to be killed in order to drop an item?
I perked up my ears with deep interest.
Now the other Adventurers were also focused on the thief.
Perhaps this was my chance to escape? No, it was no use.
The thief was moving towards the warrior. And then he went around to stand behind him.
Hmm? Why did he do that?
The warrior seemed to be wondering about this as well. However, he just accepted it quietly, thinking that it was part of the troublesome method.


What. Huuhhh!?
The thief’s knife had cut open the warrior’s throat.
Blood poured out like a fountain, and the area around them was bathed in red. Of course, I was also covered in blood.
What was happening? Why are they fighting each other?
The thief moved away from the falling body of the warrior, and then attacked the monk.
It was another one-hit kill. The monk was beheaded from the front, and then he fell upon the sorcerer just as his blade swung back.
This doesn’t make any sense? Is this the special requirement?
The thief dispatched the sorcerer with ease, and then wiped the blood off of his face with a towel. Then he started to walk towards me.
Perhaps he was enjoying this, as there was a thin smile on his face.
Ugh, how horrifying! What is wrong with you! He has the eyes of a monster!
I couldn’t even run away now if I wanted to. My legs were so weak and would not move.
The thief then came up to me and squated. I had the feeling that he was inspecting me thoroughly.


What did he just say?
And then he started to wipe my legs with the towel that he was holding.
From the tip of my toes to where my thighs met the chest. He slowly and thoroughly wiped the blood off.

“The sorcerer was on the right track, but they were still nothing compared to these.”

Rub, rub.
The thief patted my legs preciously.
He-hey, wait a minute! What are you doing!?
I now felt a different kind of fear run up my spine. Well, the back of the treasure chest.

“Ha…I wish I could take you home…”

The horror! What is with this guy? He’s scary!

“But monsters that are born inside of the dungeon will disappear if taken out…”

Uh, really? That’s also horrifying! I didn’t even know that!

“But there are surely monsters who move from dungeon to dungeon. So perhaps it will be fine if it raises its level. It’s definitely worth looking into.”

While he was deep in thought, I was completely disgusted.
Ugh. If you’re going to kill me, hurry up and get it over with! That’s how I felt.

“But it will surely die if I leave it here. And that would be such a waste.”

Yes. That’s something we can agree on. Regardless of it being a waste, I was confident that I would die against just about anything I came across.

“I could protect it, but then the monster’s level won’t increase. And I can’t keep killing Adventurers forever. After all, I have to consider my own position…”

Hmm. I understand that it’s a hard decision, but could you stop stroking my legs while you’re thinking?
I was trying to escape, but he kept following me.
And since we were so different in level, any resistance would be pointless.
In other words, whether I lived or died, it would be at the whim of this thief.

“Ah, I know what I’ll do!”

The thief smiled happily. Apparently, he had thought of something.
He then took something out of the pouch around his waist.
It was a pair of red high heels.
Huh? But that pouch looked way too small for those high heels to fit inside?
As I pondered over the great mystery of the pouch, my feet were placed inside of the shoes.


The thief nodded with satisfaction.
Good! As if! You haven’t solved anything!

“This is a legendary item. Leg armor that is called the Deep Red Rose.”

Just like the name suggested, the beautiful high heels had rose decorations on them, and for some reason, they fit me perfectly.

“Usually a level 1 would not be able to equip a legendary item. But I had thought that something like this might happen, and so I removed the level requirement.”

I don’t care about such things. And you thought something like this might happen?
Also, why was he even talking to me?

“Now. I should be leaving. We were called here to help defeat a boss on the eighth floor. It wouldn’t be difficult to make excuses for what happened to the other three, but it would be bad if no one went at all.”

The thief waved his hand and then left the room.
…Huh? I’m saved?
I couldn’t believe it immediately, and so I stood there, stunned.

“Uhhh… I’m allowed to leave, right?”

Five Kobolds and three Adventurers had been killed. So the room was filled with blood.
Of course, this was not a place that I wanted to stay in for long.
However, it might be bad to just leave without thinking it through.
And so I checked my status once again.


Name: Harumi
Race: Mimic
Gender: Female
Level: 1
Divine Blessing: Curse of Beauty
Divine Protection: None
Mimic +2(Treasure chest, Treasure chest modified)
Language (Inorganics +2, Humans)
Storage(*Only when in treasure chest form)
Explosive Legs(*Only when Deep Red Rose is equipped)
Items in Inventory:
Deep Red Rose


‘Treasure chest modified’ was likely about my current state. And since the items in the parenthesis were the types of things I could mimic, I would probably be able to return to a normal chest.
It seemed that skills could also increase with equipped items, which was why I now had Explosive Legs.

“Did I really become stronger after putting on the high heels…”

The heels were sharp pin heels, so they would probably be painful to anyone I stepped on.
In the end, there wasn’t enough information. And there was no point in staying here and worrying.
Yes. I’ll go out.
I decided, and then headed for the door.
But suddenly, the door clicked open on its own.
Had the thief returned? Or is it some other Adventurer?
But the thing that entered noisily was a stone statue.
A winged demon-like creature that was called a Gargoyle. It was holding a pot in its hands.
The next person to enter was a pretty woman who was dressed as a monk. However, her face was pale, and so she was likely an undead.
And there was one more person. A girl who was translucent and watery. It was probably a water sprite or fairy.

“Umm… Hello.”

I tried talking to them, but there was no answer.
What do you want! You people!

Miss Harumi – Reincarnated Into a Monster in another world ~

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Curse of Beauty combined with the Thief’s (presumed) leg fetish is a powerful combo.
    Also, it kind of seems like the Thief was significantly higher level than the rest of the adventurer party.

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