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Leggy Mimic – 2

Chapter 2 – Beautiful Legs Something came out. Mimic. Mimic. I prayed desperately, and then they just slithered out. They were legs. From the bottom of the treasure chest, human legs had grown. They were long and pale, and started at the joints of the thighs. And as if to make the most of the…

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Leggy Mimic – 1

美脚ミミック、ハルミさん ~転生モンスター異世界成り上がり伝説~ Leggy Mimic, Harumi – A Reincarnated Monster’s Legendary Rise in Another World – Author: 藤孝剛志 Chapter 1 – Briefing I am a treasure chest on the first floor of an underground dungeon. A monster known as a Mimic, to be precise. I was in this form when I came to. I have a feeling…

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