Makai Hongi – 203

Chapter 203

I questioned Legis thoroughly, and was able to acquire a lot of information. However, none of it would allow me to contact Nehyor.

Still, it was quite beneficial overall.
Apparently, Lesser Demon King Betz would occasionally accept jobs from Nehyor, which involved wreaking havoc in specific locations.

Legis was a part of such operations, so there was no doubt about it.
“The Wild Hunt always vanishes without a trace… So that’s how they do it.”

Up until now, the Wild Hunt had attacked many towns and villages, as well as castles inhabited by Lesser Demon Kings.
Those who were attacked would gather their men together and search for the Wild Hunt.

But they would always get away.
I now knew the reason.They had set it up in advance.

For instance, Nehyor would attack town after town.
The enemy would quickly move into the area and lay out a net to surround the Wild Hunt.

When that happened, the only way to escape would be through brute force.
However, what if a different place was suddenly attacked by the Wild Hunt?

“So they already escaped our encirclement!”
They would think this as they rushed to the town that had been attacked.

There was no point in staying there if the enemy was already gone.
And once security had weakened, Nehyor and his men would be able to escape with ease. Something like that.

As always, Nehyor had a cunning mind.
Once you knew how to make a decoy appear somewhere else, it would be easy enough to put into action.

Had I not known, I would also assume that he had already escaped.
But if you did know, you would be able to ignore the people who were wreaking havoc outside.

This was valuable information that I would have to keep in mind.

As I pondered on such things, Stomel returned with some guards.
There were…five of them. As they were going to arrest a high-ranker, they probably wanted to be safe.

“Sir Golan. I’ve returned.”
“Sorry for making you go so many times.”

“No… More importantly, are there any others?”
“Ah, he’s the only one. So you just need to take him away.”

“Very well.”

I had heard what I wanted to hear, so I had no use for Legis now.
One of the guards took off a coil of wire from his shoulder.

“…What’s that?”
“A binding tool. High-rankers are able to break the normal ones.”
“I see.”

They tied him up tightly, from head to feet. While it looked like wires, it was probably much stronger.
After the guards tied Legis up swiftly, they carried him out of the room. They didn’t even glance in my direction.

“Hey, Stomel. Do the guards hate me?”
“You don’t understand why?”

“Uhh… Is it because I wasn’t cooperating earlier?”
“Yes. I had to explain to them that you are an important person from another country. That’s why they could not do anything by force. The senior officer there was almost in tears.”

“I don’t see how that’s my fault.”
I had to be alone in order to question Legis.

“It might also be related to how you were able to capture the Shadow Ape without getting hurt. What if they were to cause you, Sir Golan, to go on a rampage? It is no wonder they would not want to talk to you, let alone meet your eye.”
Was my Adjutant dissing me?

“I wouldn’t go on a rampage unless something major happened.”
“Is that so. Very well.”
That was my Adjutant. He understood me well.

“So something major must have happened to you.”
“Uh, no.”

“Something terrible happened before arriving in this town.”
Was he angry at me?

Things felt quite awkward after that, and so I did not leave the house much that day. I decided to keep a low profile.
It wasn’t a punishment or anything. I made the conscious decision on my own.

And then three days past. My subordinates finally returned from the castle.

“Sir Golan. The date of your audience with His Majesty the Demon King has been decided. It will be tomorrow in the afternoon.”
“Oh, finally. Is there anything I need to do in preparation?”

“No, just go as you are.”
“So I can take my weapons?”

“Sir Golan. Do you intend to put them to use?”
“No, there’s no meaning behind it. But I get anxious.”

“Why should you be anxious? …In any case, there are no rules. However, in your case, Sir Golan. I would hope that you would not arm yourself when going.”

“Huh? So I’m allowed to take my weapons?”
“There are races who have buffs and use magic. So leaving their weapons would not make them less dangerous. Besides, high-rankers would not be able to hurt the Demon King, even if they are armed.”

I see. So it didn’t matter, since I was still so weak.
I would expect nothing less of the great Demon King Tralzard.

“Well then, I’ll arm myself fully instead of wearing formal attire.”
Really, I wasn’t going to fight. I swear it.

“I will be staying in the waiting hall, so you don’t need to worry about me when you fight.”
“No, I have no intention of fighting.”

“Though, it is my duty as your Adjutant, to pick up your bones. However, I am not sure there will be enough to pick up…”
“Why are you saying something so ominous!?”

Not only was he fully accepting of the outcome being a fight, but he was also certain of my death.
“It is a jest.”

“I suppose it was also a wish?”
“Not at all, sir. …But I am looking forward to tomorrow.”

I suppose Stomel really was angry with me.

The next morning, I headed to the castle with Stomel.
We took our time walking, so that we’d arrive at the castle before midday.

We had to show the permit we received when making the appointment, and then we entered.

“Are most castles this big?”
It was considerably larger than Lesser Demon King Melvis’s castle.

The ceiling was also very high. It must have been as high as a three story building.
“It was built like that so the ceiling wouldn’t break even if a Dragon transformed. But the ceilings on the second floor and above are normal.”
“I see.”

I had seen General Miralda transform into a Dragon, and she had been gigantic.
And so the entire first floor of the castle had been built to accommodate someone of that size.
There was also a lot of space between the pillars. I was surprised that the building was sufficiently supported.

We then waited in the drawing room for a few hours.
Then a servant of the castle called for me.

“Sir Golan. It’s time.”
“Aye, I’ll go and meet him then.”

It was finally time for my audience with Demon King Tralzard.

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  1. Yeah! Go and say it to his face, Stomel!
    Golan really needs someone dependable and logical to reign him in. He tends to do stupid things otherwise, with whatever justifications he can muster.

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