Ossan Boukensha – 11

Adventurers Guild

“It should be a good time now. Let’s go to the Adventurers Guild.”

Gein said. And so we headed to the Adventurers Guild. It was pretty dull and quiet inside. There were two reception counters, but only one of them was occupied.
When I scanned the floor, I saw several Adventurers in what looked like a waiting area, and further on there was a bar. And there was also a quest board…

“See? This is what it’s like in the afternoon.”

I followed Gein to the counter. There was a young, pretty woman behind the desk.

“Welcome to the Adventurers Guild. How can I help you?”

“My friend here wants to register as an Adventurer.”

“Just you? Very well. Have you been registered in the past?”

It must have been my age.

“No, this is my first time.”

“Any deceptions will be exposed in the magic energy registration later on. Are you certain?”

Oh. So they were going to use a magic tool here. I nodded.

“Would you like to hear the guild agreement?”

I had an idea of what it would be, but it would be best to hear it.

“Yes, please.”

“It is all written down here. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

So I have to read it myself! I didn’t expect that.

‘The guild refers quests to registered Adventurers. Quests are separated into S, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G categories based on rank, just like the ranks of Adventurers. Promotions and demotions are determined based on guild regulation and your ratings. If a G-Rank Adventurer is demoted, they will be dismissed.’
‘Furthermore, aside from personal rank, parties also have the rankings, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, and F. And they are assigned quests that would be too difficult for lone members. When registering, the party rank will be the average of the members’ rank. Promotion and demotions are determined based on guild regulation and ratings.’
‘Adventurers that are above the rank of E are obligated to participate in emergency quests from the guild they belong to. If for some reason you are unable to participate, you must make a report at the guild. Depending on the situation, penalties may be enforced.’
‘Taxes and guild commissions are included in the quest fee, and the reward is what is left after the reduction. Quest failure will result in penalties, and so quests must be selected with caution.’

This was long. Phew.

‘Failure to report the failed quests, or the attempt to conceal or abandon them may result in fines, demotion, dismissal, warnings etcetera.’
‘If you commit a crime, the guild may choose to demote, dismiss, or give warning.’
‘If you are unable to pay a penalty, you may be required to pay it through bonded labor.’
‘The Adventurers Guild offers no insurance towards Adventurers in regards to death, injury, damage and loss of property during guild quests.’
‘The guild does not get involved in fights between Adventurers. In regards to illegal acts, you will be judged by the law of the land.’

“Excuse me. Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, of course.”

“What do you have to do to get a rank promotion?”

“For every rank there is a number of quests you must finish as well as other specific requirements and a test. But for G-Rank, it will be 100 quests and no specific requirements or tests.”

“100! That’s a lot!”

“G-Ranks are like beginner Adventurers. If you go about it seriously, it should take you half a year to finish 100 quests. But even at a more leisurely pace, you can finish them in a year. Think of it as a learning period for you. However, each rank requires that you complete at least one quest within a certain period, or you will face demotion. It’s called the demotion period. For G-Rankers, that is 1 month. So you must complete a quest within that time.”

“Is it possible to accept quests that are out of your rank?”

“You can accept quests that are below your rank. However, that will not count to your completion rate. But when accepting quests as a party, you can go a single rank above the party rank.”

“Is there…a system where strong people can start at a higher rank?”

Upon hearing this, the receptionist glanced at my gear.

“People often make that assumption. But that is the system at the Mercenary Guild. At the Adventurers Guild, your rank is based on your quest completion rate. Strength is only one thing we measure. But if you are so confident in yourself, why don’t you go to them?”

I was being thrown out. They weren’t really happy to have me here. However, she was wrong! I had absolutely no confidence in my own combat ability!

“So, I can raise my rank even if I’m not strong?”

“If you have sufficient ‘power’ to complete quests that include the hunting of monsters, yes. However, some of the promotion tests do involve combat.”

“I see… I think I will become an Adventurer then. Also, what is this about being judged by the law of the land?”

I didn’t want to be a mercenary where I could be sent off to war.

“It means that there is a difference between not interfering with fights between Adventurers, and overlooking crime. For instance, fighting within the city is forbidden. While we can ignore a mere quarrel, if weapons and magic are used in a fight within the city, then the guild will have to take action. Skills as well.”

“What about a duel?”

“If both parties have agreed to a duel, then they can have a guild member stand as a witness. However, there are some countries where dueling is illegal.”

“I understand. I would like to register now.”

“The registration fee is three pieces of silver.”

I handed them over.

“Well then, please read the following items and sign your name below. And the name of the party if you are in one. If not, leave it empty. If you mean to assemble one now, that will require additional procedures. Will that be necessary?”

“No, I won’t be a part of any party.”

Hmm. Aside from that, there were things like gender and home base…

“I’ve sold my house in the village and am returning to my country where I have no house. What should I write down?”

“Choose a place that you would like to have notified upon your death. Leave it empty if there is no such place.”

Oh, so it could be empty… And then there were things about not being responsible about your death and obeying the rules of the guild. Alright, sign ‘Ajifu,’ and leave the rest empty. While I was writing, the receptionist was preparing her tools. I finished up and submitted the form.
The sheet of paper was placed over some kind of stone slab with patterns on it. And then a small metal plate was placed on top of it.

“Add a drop of your blood on top of the iron plate and place your hands on the corners of the stone slab.”

I pricked the fingertip with the point of my knife and then let a drop of it fall onto the metal plate. Then I wiped my finger on the cloth that was provided and then placed my hands on the edges of the stone plate. The patterns started to glow.


The paper began to burn. And at the same time, words appeared on the metal plate as if being burned in.
Let’s see…

Rank: G
Home base:
Affiliated: Powarso

“Your magic energy pattern has been registered, so no one can use it but you. It will have to be updated when you move to other towns, so be sure to make a report at the guild when coming and going. At the very least, you must make a report at the guild on arrival, or you will not be able to accept any quests. Reissuing will cost ten silver pieces, so be careful that you don’t lose it.”

“I understand. Thank you.”

“From today, you are an Adventurer. May you have great adventures.”

I accepted the plate and the receptionist bowed after saying what was probably a standard greeting.

And then, as if they had been waiting for the registration to finish…no, it must have actually been the case.
I felt a rushing presence behind my back.

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