My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 15

Ms. Claire’s Sister Intruded

“It takes magic energy to use magic. That is obvious, but magic energy alone does not allow you to use magic. The most important part about using magic is the spell. It is when you gather together the magic energy inside of your body and convert it for the purpose of using magic.”
“So you can use magic with spells.”
“There are fixed spells for different kinds of magic. Like fire magic, water magic, wind magic and earth magic. And the spells decide how they are activated. I once read in a book that in order to activate very powerful magic, you would have to chant all day and all night.”
“All day and night…”

So you had to keep chanting some really long spell…that seemed painful.

“Spells decide the attribute and how the magic is activated. The more powerful the magic is, the more minute details you have to decide on. And so the spell becomes long, and it takes more time to activate.”
“So, what is the easiest kind of magic spell?”
“Hmm…allow me to demonstrate then. Will that be all right, Lady Claire?”
“Yes, I don’t mind.”
“Well then… Fire Elemental Candle.”

As soon as Sebastian finished chanting, a small flame erupted from the tip of his finger, just like a candle.
Woah. With this, you wouldn’t need a lighter to make a fire.
It did seem pretty useful.

“Like this, the spell converts energy into fire, creating a fire like a candle’s flame. Of course, the utility does not extend much further than lighting candles and firewood. It is used widely in many households.”

It was like a magic lighter.

“As for the spell that I just chanted, if one were to use magic with a greater effect, it would be two or three times longer. However, Mr. Takumi. I think you can understand that it is not realistic to be chanting for so long while facing a monster?”
“…That’s true. I doubt you would have enough time to chant like that during a dangerous battle.”
“Indeed. From the beginning of the fight until the end. How likely is it that you’ll have enough time? In that case…you can use silent spells.”
“Silent spells?”

Does that mean you don’t have to chant?
But I thought he said the chanting converts the energy into magic.
He seemed to be contradicting himself…

“As the name implies, it is a method of using magic without chanting. But one must train in order to do it. As for how much magic one can use without chanting, it is really up to the user’s ability. Now, normally, magic will not activate unless you chant. And so silent spells seem to contradict this.”
“Yes. I don’t really understand how it is possible.”
“Of course. But there are rules for this as well. As for how silent spells are possible…”

As Sebastian was about to explain, there was a knock on the door of the guest room.
…Who could it be? We had just got to the interesting part…

“Come in.”

Said Ms. Claire, and then the door burst open and a small figure flew in.


Leo had been relaxing, and so she barked in surprise at this sudden intrusion. But the person ignored this and ran towards Ms. Claire.


Was this Ms. Claire’s younger sister then?
But I thought she was sleeping in bed because she was sick?
Though, they did say that she was recovering after drinking the Ramogi medicine.

“Yes, it’s me. Tilura!”

Without losing any momentum since launching herself through the doorway, the intruder threw herself onto Ms. Claire. She seemed to be about ten years old.
Unlike Ms. Claire, she had fiery red hair.
And though she was much younger, the face bore a striking resemblance to Ms. Claire.
She would likely grow up to be very pretty as well.
Really, why was everyone in this world like that?

“Tilura. What happened? Shouldn’t you be in bed?”
“But sister, I feel so much better after drinking the medicine!”

She answered energetically to Ms. Claire’s question.
Yes, it was best for children to be energetic.

“Mr. Takumi, I’m very sorry to have your talk interrupted…”
“No, I don’t mind. I can listen to the explanation some other time. Tilura, was it? I’m glad to see that she’s well.”
“Sister. Who is this?”
“Tilura, he is a guest. He is called Mr. Takumi, and he saved me when I was being attacked by an orc. Also…he’s the one who found the Ramogi medicine that you drank.”
“Is that so!”
“Hello. I’m Takumi Hirooka. But you can just call me Takumi, like the others do.”
“Yes, Mr. Takumi. I am Tilura Liebert. But just call me Tilura.”
“Yes, Ms. Tilura.”

Once the introductions were over, I turned to the side and saw that Sebastian looked horribly disappointed that his explanation had been interrupted so suddenly.
Ms. Lyra was trying to console him.
He really wanted to tell me about it, huh… Well, it really had been getting interesting.

“But Tilura. You are only just recovering! You have to get some rest.”
“I’m sorry, sister. But I’ve been forced to stay in bed ever since I got the fever…”
“Ah, that is true. It would be hard to spend so much time sleeping, and then sleep again now that you are better.”
“You understand, Mr. Takumi!”
“Oh, you…”

While Ms. Claire looked a little troubled, her eyes were very gentle when she looked at Tilura.
When comparing the two, they really did look like they were many years apart. And so she likely couldn’t bear seeing her sister so ill, and had gone to the forest.
She was a good older sister who looked after Tilura.
I wish that I had a younger sister or brother.


Leo looked at Tilura and barked once.
Upon hearing this, Tilura looked at Leo and she smiled brightly.

“Sister. Where did that dog come from!?”
“No, Tilura. Our guest is a Silver Fenrir. You know about Silver Fenrirs, don’t you? They are very powerful monsters.”

Well, she actually was a dog…
But I suppose she was considered a Silver Fenrir now. A strong and frightful monster.

“So that’s a Silver Fenrir… But I thought they don’t listen to anyone. Why is it here?”
“This Silver Fenrir is called Leo. And she is here because she obeys Mr. Takumi.”
“Is that so!? You must be a great person, Mr. Takumi!”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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