My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 41

The Pasta In This World Was Meat Sauce

“Lunch looks delicious today as well.”
“Yes. Helena does her best.”
“I’m hungry!”

Everyone seemed to have worked up an appetite after seeing the pasta that was placed on the table.
A great plate had been prepared for Leo. And while it contained the same flat noodles, they were wrapped up in separate clumps so it would be easier to eat.
Thank you for being so considerate, Ms. Helena.

“Now, let’s eat.”
“Let’s eat.”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

There was a red tomato sauce on top and the minced meat that was in the sauce combined nicely with the flat noodles.
Meat sauce…I think it was actually called bolognese.
While it was very delicious, I also had to be careful so that the sauce didn’t get on my clothes.
It was hard to remove any stains from it.

“Lady Tilura. Please excuse me.”

While Ms. Claire had no problem doing it, Tilura wasn’t used to eating like this, and so she had got some of the sauce on her clothes.
Ms. Lyra was now wiping it carefully with a cloth.
Still, while the sauce was on the mild side, I wasn’t sure if Leo would…
But when I turned to Leo, the whole area around her mouth was stained a bright red. It looked like blood.

“Leo… You’re going to have to take a bath after this.”

Leo seemed so alarmed by these words, that she barked and moved away from her plate.
While she was usually so absorbed in her food to the point where she wouldn’t react to anything else, it was a different matter when it came to bathing…

“Your mouth is too dirty. It won’t come off by just wiping it.”
“Wou! Wou-wou!”

It sounded like she was protesting strongly, but I ignored her and continued to eat my pasta.

“Is Leo going to take a bath? I want to take one together!”
“No…I don’t think you should…”

Besides, as a man, I couldn’t be there with them.
I had only been in this world for a few days, and did not want any trouble.

“No, Tilura. You do realize that Mr. Takumi is a man? You cannot go with them.”
“But, sister!”

While she was still young, it would not do for her to share a bath with a grown man.

“I really can’t?”
“Of course, you cannot. The mere thought of male and females bathing together…”
“…Oh, it’s nothing. In any case, it is out of the question, Tilura. Men and women must never bathe together. It is not permitted.”
“…Is that true?”

…Tilura. Why was she asking me now?
She should ask Sebastian or the maids if she needed confirmation…

“…Tilura. It is indeed true that men and women are not to bathe together. And so you cannot come with us.”
“I see…”

She seemed to give up and continued to eat her pasta with a dejected look.
Ms. Claire breathed a sigh of relief. But then she glanced towards me and blushed.
Ms. Claire. Did you just imagine something?


As for Leo, whose fate had been sealed, she had fallen into a depression and though she continued to eat, she no longer showed any enthusiasm in doing so.
Once lunch was finished, we took a short break to help with digestion, and then Leo and I decided to go to the bathing room in the mansion.
It was nice that the tub was large enough for even someone like Leo to fit inside.
At her current size, Leo would not have fit in my old bathtub in Japan.
Well, she wouldn’t have even fit in the apartment.
And so I carried the towels that Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda had handed us, and we made our way to the bathing room.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. Good thing Takumi didn’t say men and women bathing was something only done by couples or family. That’d been awkward if Tilura then said it was fine for her to bathe with Takumi then. Or that Claire should join them. I feel like Tilura would be innocent enough to already consider Takumi as family.

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