My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 44

The First Forest was the Duke’s Forest

“…The founder of this house. Do you mean the one who befriended the Silver Fenrir?”
“Yes. And it’s said that the founder first met the Silver Fenrir in that forest. And the legend says their relationship was that of friends of equal standing.”

So they first met in that forest.
But how exactly had he managed to befriend a Silver Fenrir?
From what I had heard, they listened to no one, and were feared as unbeatable monsters.
Of course, when I looked at Leo, it made me think that Silver Fenrirs wouldn’t attack anyone. But that was just in Leo’s case.
Perhaps the Silver Fenrirs that were born and raised in this world did attack people?

“And how did the first duke befriend this Silver Fenrir?”
“…That…is not known.”
“No one knows?”
“There are legends passed down orally, including ones that were only shared through the family, as well as documents written about the first duke. However, none of this has explained how the Silver Fenrir was befriended.”
“…I see.”
“However… Some of the texts say that the duke was in danger, after being surrounded by fenrirs in the forest. And then the Silver Fenrir appeared.”
“A pack of fenrirs… Are they different from Silver Fenrirs?”
“Normal fenrirs are different from Silver Fenrirs liks Leo. They are small and slower. Of course, they are still fast compared to humans, and are dangerous monsters that can use fire and ice magic. Also, even though their claws and fangs aren’t as sharp as those of a Silver Fenrir, they will still cut through humans with ease.”

So, while these fenrirs were weaker, they were still very dangerous monsters for humans.
…I could only imagine how the first duke felt when being surrounded by a pack of them. It would have felt like you were already dead.

“Because the duke was surrounded by fenrirs, and then encountered a Silver Fenrir in that forest, it is now known as the Fenrir Forest.”
“Fenrir Forest…”

From what I had heard, fenrirs were very dangerous monsters.
And so if it was a place where one might encounter them, then it was no surprise that the forest would be named after them.
However, I had wandered through it for a while, and Ms. Claire had entered it alone, and still, we didn’t see any of them…

“Are there still fenrirs in that forest?”
“As for that…ever since the founder of this house died, no one has seen a Silver Fenrir, let alone the fenrirs that were said to have always lived in the forest.”
“Is that so…”

The place that was called the Fenrir Forest.
The place where Leo and I had appeared.
And where Leo turned into a Silver Fenrir.
The place where we met Ms. Claire, who was a descendant of someone who had befriended a Silver Fenrir in the past.
…While I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it was deliberate, I felt something like fate from it all…


What was it? Ms. Claire started to think with a troubled expression.
Was there something else regarding that forest?

“While it’s true that no one has seen a fenrir in that forest since the founder died…it is still a legendary place. And so many people fear it. Few have gone close, let alone investigated its depths. …So one cannot be certain that there are no fenrirs there at all.”
“…So it’s possible that deep within, there could still be fenrirs, or even a Silver Fenrir…”
“You are saying they may be lurking deep in the forest, where no one can see them?”

Still, for some reason, Ms. Claire seemed to be talking about this legend with great passion.
She was usually so calm, and I hadn’t thought that she was the type to get very heated while speaking…
Ah…but now that I think about it…
It was only a few days ago that she had left the mansion alone in order to get medicine for Tilura.
So she did have a more impulsive side.

“…Mr. Takumi. What I’m about to say involves the risk of danger…and I will not mind if you refuse. But, I would be grateful if you accepted.”
“…I see.”

What was it…? A secret that is supposed to stay hidden?
Was I going to be made to listen to information that would paint a target on my back?

“Mr. Takumi. Will you take me and Leo into the depths of that forest?”
“Lady Claire!?”
“Lady Claire!?”
“Lady Claire!?”

Sebastian and the maids were terribly alarmed by Ms. Claire’s request.
Of course, they were…it was dangerous. There were orcs in that forest.
And according to the legends, there could be packs of fenrirs as well.
And maybe even a Silver Fenrir.
It was dangerous without a doubt.
Sebastian and the maids quickly rushed towards Ms. Claire.
As for Leo and Tilura, who had been playing, they were tilting their heads in puzzlement. They probably hadn’t been listening.

“My lady! Even if you are with Mr. Takumi and the great Leo, it is much too dangerous!”
“He is right! If there really are fenrirs there, as you have said, then I doubt any human can enter it and come out alive!”
“My lady, please reconsider!”
“…My goodness…all of you…”

The three of them were desperately trying to stop Ms. Claire.
Well, she was the kind of person to enter a dangerous forest alone just to find herbs.
I doubted Ms. Claire had said it as a joke. She might really just put it into action. And so it was no wonder they were frantic.

“My lady! Please, please reconsider!”
“Yes. If anything were to happen to you!”
“We’re begging you! Reconsider!”

Oh? Ms. Claire had fallen silent?

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. What a rash lass! Even if they have Leo, she doesn’t have fighting experience. So, if they meet a Silver Fenrir then they would be in a fix!

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