My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 418

Leo was the deciding factor

It wasn’t like I could easily cut him in half. All I did was slash his stomach a little.
The pain and impact then caused Deam to take a few steps back.
That was when it happened.


Leo moved behind me, barked, and then swiped at Deam’s head with her front paws.
Deam was not able to stand against her weight, and he was pushed to the ground and crushed.
…And though he was still conscious, he could not move.
He had also let go of his sword.

“…Leo…thank you.”

As Leo’s paws were enough to cover his face, shoulders and chest, all Deam could do was move his legs wildly.
I could see the wound on his stomach as well… And while it was bleeding, it was not very deep.

If Leo had not intervened, he probably would have attacked me again… Both of my hands were numb, so that would have been dangerous.
I suppose I could have cut him deeper, and it would still just be self defense. But I was glad that I hadn’t had to kill anyone.
It wasn’t that I was clinging onto my old values. But if I could deal with things without killing, then that was preferable.
Besides, I am sure that Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian would want to question him.

It was a good thing that I had brought my katana with me….
The reason that I was able to unsheath it with my left hand, was because I had hung it on my right side.
I wasn’t used to dual-wielding, but since I had brought it with me, I had put it on my right side so it wouldn’t get in the way.

Thanks to that, I was able to unsheath it. If I had let go with my right hand instead, I would not have been able to do it.
It wasn’t like I had been expecting this to happen…so you really never knew how something would come in handy.

“Leo. Hold him there for a little longer.”

I told Leo to hold Deam down as I sheath my weapons.
While Deam was writhing around in pain, Leo wasn’t pressing down with her full weight, so there was no chance of him dying.
Though, it would still be painful.

“Phew… I’ll have to train more…”

I sighed with relief.
While the fight had ended quickly, I had grown hot, and so the rain felt comfortable on my body.

“Now… Uh, I don’t know your names, but will you help me?”

After I had calmed down, I turned to the boys.
They were clearly confused, and seemed to not understand what I was saying.
Leo had attacked suddenly, and then a battle had been fought in front of them. Perhaps they didn’t realize that they were saved.
It could not be helped.

“Uh, you aren’t hurt are you? I suppose he did kick you, but you can still move? In any case, help me catch these men. I cannot do it all on my own.”

Aside from Deam, there were four other men.
While Leo could handle Deam, I didn’t know when the other men might wake up.
And so I wanted to capture them while they were still unconscious.

The boys finally regained some of their calm, and understood what I was saying. However, they still hesitated.
Well, this was Deam. So I suppose they would not be able to act so quickly.


Leo barked while still holding Deam down, and then the boys straightened their backs and started to move.
Were they scared of Leo?
But she had saved them… I couldn’t help but think that, but they had seen her make quick work of the men, so it was no surprise.
Regardless, I was happy that they were cooperative now.

“Oh, thank you.”

One of the boys brought me some old rope.
It was just what I needed to tie them up.
I thanked him and then they helped me tie up the unconscious men.
As they were limp on the ground, we struggled a little when moving them, so it was a good thing that I was not alone.

Once all four men were bound, we rolled them over to the spot where the boys had been standing earlier.
They were directly under the rain, but I didn’t care, since they were Deam’s men.
At worst, they might just catch a cold.

“…What will happen to us…?”
“You don’t have to be so scared. I’m no one important. Hmm…as for you…”

Once the work was done, the boys lined up in front of me and looked quite timid.
But one of them…who was indeed in the group that had attacked Liza, questioned me.
Well, he was looking at Leo.
Indeed, what should we do with them… I had not considered that.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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