Strange Dragon – 86

Chapter 86 – Returning to the Base

After traveling for some time, Shiro got off of Hippolius’s back and started to run on her own feet.
As she was a wolf, she liked to run.
For wolves, it was necessary that they ran a certain distance every day.

As I watched Shiro run, Fio asked,

“Enough good grass?”

Our purpose for coming out here today was to gather some delicious mountain vegetables.

“Well, we gathered quite a lot of mountain vegetables and mushrooms. So it should be fine.”
“Not only that, but we acquired a lot of metal and tools as well. And we made a new friend.”
“Yes, it was a great success.”

Shiro barked happily as she ran next to Hippolius.
She had been quite sad a moment ago, but I suppose she was able to switch gears now.
Well, perhaps she was just pretending in front of Fio and the others.

“Shiro, let me know if you become tired. And then you can ride on Hippolius as well.”
‘Kyuo. Want to ride?’

Apparently, Shiro wanted to run a little more.
Perhaps she was just in a mood to be active.

“I see. Well, you should run at the pace you want to, Shiro.”
‘It’s fine. Shiro can run faster, and Hippolius will catch up.’
“Wuff! Wuff!”

Shiro ran at full speed. She was fast like an arrow.
Hippolius chased after her from behind. While Hippolius was fast, there was not much shaking.
Hippolius was thinking about us who were riding on top.

Shiro continued to run without rest until we reached the base.
Thanks to that, we arrived in no time.

Hippolius then stopped in front of our house.

“Thank you, Hippolius.”

After we got off of Hippolius’s back, Hippolius immediately became small again.
And so I put down bowls of water for Hippolius and Shiro to drink from.

The two drank thirstily.
As they had run quite a lot, their throats must be dry.

Fio and I petted Hippolius and Shiro, and then the cubs began to bark.

As they had slept a lot, they now wanted to play.
On the other hand, Pii was still sleeping. Apparently, slimes slept for a long time.

And so I took out the cubs from my clothes.
And then I gave them some water as well.
I also filled some cups and gave them to Fio and Ije, and then drank some myself.

“You should drink too, Fio and Ije.”
“Thank you!”
“Thank you!”

And so we all drank and rested.
Once we were finished, Hippolius stood up on its hindlegs and jumped onto my leg.

“Kyuo! Kyuo!”
“What is it, Hippolius? Are you tired?”
‘Kyuo! Tired!’

Hippolius said as it opened its mouth and wagged its tail.
Considering Hippolius’s power, it would not get tired after just that.
In other words, Hippolius wanted to be spoiled.

“I see. So you’re tired.”

I picked up Hippolius.
Hippolius then licked my face happily.

“Since you carried us all of the way back.”
It was now my turn to carry Hippolius.

I was glad that Hippolius enjoyed it.

“Fio, Shiro. Please take care of the cubs.”
“These are some snacks for Kuro, Roro, and Ruru. Give it to them if they are hungry.”
“There is some for Fio and Shiro too.”

And so Fio and Shiro picked up the cubs and took them into the house.
They would probably play there for some time.

“Well, Ije. Let’s go and introduce you to the others.”

And so while carrying Hippolius, I went with Ije to the infirmary, where Victor and the others were.

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